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Emperor Norton-1

Emperor Norton-1

Emperor of the United States
and Protector of Mexico

Learn why the original Oakland Bay Bridge
was misnamed by clicking the Emperor's likenesses at the left. (rollover image)

Never say "Frisco"!

 In memory of our friend, Dan Hillen,
 internationally recognized stained glass  restorationist & artist.
Stained Glass: "It Must have been a Beautiful Garden"

Stained Glass Artist

View Dan's "memorial" website.

He commissioned us (his friends) to construct it for his business, but, as you will see, it was virtually completed when he suddenly passed away.

click pic for piece's details.

"It Must have been a Beautiful Garden"

Enjoy Czech Plush Monkey's adventures.
This way to Monkey Biz!

Learn how2 protect your computer by reading
Internet Precautions
from a Net Nervous Nerd.

(rtf formatted doc in risqué context)






Valley Broadcast Legends is a social club for people with careers in radio and/or television broadcasting.

Members come from all aspects of the industry, on or off mic. If you were there when it went on air, read on!

(Legends? Hardly. The name's tongue in cheek.)

Valley Broadcast Legends


Friends of Hubell Trading Post National Historic Site. (an oft overlooked Nat. Park)

Our nonprofit org helps the Park and provides college scholarships to Native American students. If  Indigenous Culture, Native American arts & crafts, and/or the Western Trading Tradition are of interest to you--visit us!

Murder Off Mike
How about reading a good pageturner--a fun whodunit?
Our friend Joyce "The Voice" Krieg has released her
3rd-in-a-series of light & lively mystery adventures.

The first, Murder Off Mike, is a prize winner, literarily!


Our friend Ken drives in style with hisSacramento's DeLorean Owner's Club gullwinged wonder.
Go Back to the Future via his DeLorean club.

On-line computer museum


Speaking of jokes, just who is this Montgomery and why does he have to pack his computers into mothballs? It's not like they're fabricated from Navajo Sheeps' wool. Shouldn't those machines be up in the attic with the rest of the don't-need-it can't-let-go-of-it stuff?

Learn the secrets of retro techno when floppies were a hard 8" and harddrives a sorry 100 megs. Visit Ken's cyber museum--or don't.


Thai Basil Restaurants
We're not biased. Our neighbor's Thai restaurant just happens to be the best!

Voted Sacramento's "Best Thai Restaurant"
year after year in poll after poll.

First Special Service Force Association logo

Their website is dedicated to all of the members of WWII's
First Special Service Force, from those that died in the
field, to those who passed after coming home,
and to those that still live today.

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