Opice credits and thanx his cousins at:
Anacapa Island
Channel Island National Park
animations, grafix, facts, and fun. Monkey says, "They're top banana!"
Primate Store
Lunar Calendar calculations and conjectures
Chinese Fortune Calendar
Carmen Miranda good stuff
The Golden Years
Czech cuisine, Yum-yum. [Mnyam-mnyam]
Little Prague Bohemian Restaurant
Czech-Celtic Music
2006 US Tour (to Monkeyland!)
Sacramento Discovery Museum
Science & Space Center
Knossos, Minoan (Crete) tour
Emperor Norton-1
(and His Bridge)
Esoteric Records (& CDs)
Esoteric Records
The High Sierra Jazz Band
Choice Cuts (discography)
Computer History Museum
in Mountain View, CA (on clear days you might see a mountain)
photography help
(the shop formerly known as) Black and White Photo Lab
rock climbing: training & fun
Rock Nasium
Santa Fe style fine art
Medicine Man Gallery
Tandena's Mouse's adventures
Whitney the young plush Mouse
Thai cuisine
Thai Basil Restaurants
Fine Handcrafted Gifts
Thrift Shop Emporiums
SPCASal's Botique
Chinese 4703 Year of the Dog  
 for kids or more detailed or at Jackie Chan's place
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