Czech Plush Monkey's Adventures!
A visit to Emperor Norton-1.

Opice wasn't looking forward to visiting a cemetery; but it was a gray, drizzly, melancholy day--so the weather was perfect to check-in on the Emperor's condition.

"Still here," Monkey said. "And still loved. Look at all the flowers." Opice slid down off the memorial to prop the flowers back up. They limply collapsed. "Oh well... You know someone will bring fresh ones soon."

Then he exclaimed, "Ohmygawsh! I've found the Emperor's treasure!"

Headstone: Norton 1, Emperor of the United States & Protector of Mexico -- Joshua A. Norton 1819-1880
Tributes left to His Eminence

After finding so much cash (and pebbles and tokens and trinkets), Monkey couldn't resist pilfering a memento for himself.

"I'm taking this old rose home to press in my scrapbook."

When asked what scrapbook, Monkey scowled. "My NEW scrapbook to the Emperor and Empress."

Ah yes, Norton's Dowager Widow, was born 42 years after the Emperor's death, a rather amazing feat of matrimony.

"Not in California in the 60s it wasn't," Opice corrects. He smells his rose, long and dramatically.
"P.U.!  I'd better get this thing pressed in a book before it get's any more Nortonian."


Drag Queen and Dowager.

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