A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Thursday's Monkeying around.
Should Turkey worry?But I thought the dinner invitation meant...

Thursday, 25th

Monkey invited his gobbling good friend over for TurkeyDay. Gobbler asked if she could bring her friends and their friends and their friends' friends and soon there was 13 dinner guests to cook for.

Naturally, Opice cooked a traditional meal in honor of his feathery friends.

The meal included: goobers and monkey-bread appetizers followed by corndogs/hotdogs/and more of the wurst [non-meat eaters had sea cucumber] served with chowchow and hushpuppies and lots of ketchup, redeye gravy over cellophane & (broken) glass noodles, sloppy Joe à la yuca, a side dish of black fungus & tree ears, and for dessert--ugli fruit sliced over shoofly & grasshopper pies. Yummers!
(if you're a plush turkey, that is.)

Gobbler Turkey looks up to Monkey.
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