A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 51:  2 - 8 Jan. 2005

Sunday, 2nd
Gauges galore!

Monkey gave the fire hat back so he could walk 'round the truck. (He could hardly carry the heavy, protective headgear.)

Now he inspects the machine's high tech side.

"Hey Mister," Opice fiddles with a knob trying to fix what he sees as a problem. "All your clocks stopped at 2:40!"

"UUuuu, tempting high tech!"

Monkey takes the wheel.

Monday, 3rd

The Station-4 brigademember gently tugs..., pries..., forcefully detaches Monkey from the gauges. While holding Opice securely, he swiftly returns the "clock" gauge back to it's propery setting.

As part of the diversion he asks, "Would you like to sit in the driver's seat?" He doesn't see Monkey's fotografer waving frantically.

"NO! Don't let him drive!"

Too late...

Grand Theft fire truck!

Tuesday, 4th

If anyone sees a red fire truck being driven by a short, Czech Plush Monkey, would they please call...

Fortunately, Monkey's only pretending to drive, but to keep him happy I added motion blur to this picture.

No actual fire trucks were injured in the making of this story.

Wednesday, 5th: Fire Co. 5

To the best of Opice's knowledge (a likely oxymoron), he was Alhambra Fire Station No. 4's first ever Czech Plush Monkey volunteer.

Back in the day [5 October 1863] San Francisco welcomed it's first (probably America's first) official female firefighter, who (even years before when a teen), would follow Knickerbocker Fire Company No. 5 to conflagrations and lend her enthusiastic hands. Afterwards she often brought tired, sooty firemen home for dinner. Fortunately, her wealthy family accommodated both her generosity and her free spirit. Once she became a full, honorary member of her beloved fire brigade, she signed her name as Lillie Hitchcock Coit "5."

Monkey thought about changing his name like she did, except 4 is too big a number for the internet where he lives (which runs on base two). He can only count 0 or 1. You know, 0, 1, 10, 11, 100, 101, 110, 111,... No 4 let alone Station No. 4. Of course there is a four in binary, but it looks like 100 and most people wouldn't understand that Opice Monkey "100" means...
This has gotten too complicated. Never mind.

Lillie Hitchcock Coit "5"
(point to Lillie to find Monkey)

Lillie Coit, a fire fighter's best friend (circa 1863)
Don't ask why Coit Tower looks like it does. As Freud said, "Sometimes a fire-hose nozzel is just a cigar."

Thursday, 6th
~Sal's Botique~

Thrift Emporium

Lillie Coit reminds Opice that Saturday's the 2nd most important day in January.

"I've got to get my costume together!" he alerts. "We've gotta go shopping, right now!"

Monkey on the rack.

Friday, 7th
Shopping, shopping, shopping...

     The clothes Monkey found at the first shop didn't fit, weren't the right color, wouldn't work..., so he had to go to another Thrift Emporium. Who knows where he got the shopping gene from? For sure it didn't come from his webslave's side of the family.

Pretty plaid dishes!

SPCA logo

     Now why do you suppose the SPCA shop clerk liked Opice so much and was so helpful to him?

     Of course it doesn't take long before Opice's completely forgotten about his costuming needs and is browsing the house wares. Looks like he's found plaid plates he wants. [Read his doggerel to plaid plates: "Thrift Store Shopping."]
"Veni, vidi, Visa."
(I came, I saw, I did a little shopping.)
-- Caesar's Club

Saturday, 8th
Emperor Norton-1
(Monkey's most imitated sovereign)
(Lillie Coit's contemporary)
(The Oakland Bay Bridge's namesake?)

On this day in 1880, Emperor Norton-1, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, died suddenly of apoplexy while making His royal rounds in San Francisco.

His is an amazing and true story. Google Him and learn more. Click His foto and watch Monkey volunteer to become Him on this historic day with musical accompaniment. (300k file)

Emperor Norton-1, huzzah!

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