A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 50:  Dec. 26 - 1 Jan. 2005

Sunday, 26th

What do you get a Czech boy who has everything? A "Czech Power" cap, of course.

Did Monkey give the cap to his nephew?  "No."
Did Monkey try to swipe the cap from his nephew?  "Yes."
Does Monkey believe in the power of Czech? "I don't know," he admits. "Unless you mean the energy I get from Czech cooking. And isn't it time for lunch?"

Czech Power cap.
Happy hearthers.

Yup, it was. MMMmmmmm!

After a mostly traditional meal of schnitzel, fish, and potato salad, Nike and Monkey nestle before the warm hearth.

Nike's not much of a nestler, except when there's a warm fire and a warmer embrace.

Time out for Seuss.

Monday, 27th

"It ain't over till it's over."

Monkey has at least 2 more Holiday get-2-gethers to go with yet more gifts to exchange before the season ends.

Until the next party begins, he and his Grinchey pals sit down to share Dr. Seuss's 2nd bestest book.

Tuesday, 28th

Here's a montage of ornaments Opice put on his tree this year. Can you guess what his holiday decorating theme was from the sample?

You're right!
There's only one word for it:


Would you like what's behind the door?

Wednesday, 29th

Monkey was passing historic Fire Station #4 when the bell rang and door began opening. It wasn't the emergency alarm, thank goodness, so he stood to watch what would happen next. This was exciting, "Maybe I can help."

Click to see what he saw. (134k file)

Thursday, 30th

The fire truck stopped and Opice grabbed it's sidebar.
"Look at me! I'm a firefighter!"

The real firefighter came round to see who was climbing on his rig. Was Monkey in trouble again?

Monkey hitches a ride.

Could he look any more guilty?

Friday, 31st

Before the fireman could say "Hello," Opice swung (like only a prehensile ape with 4 opposable thumbs can) (or maybe like Spiderman) (whichever) from the grip-bar down to the pipe fittings from which he sprang up onto the ladder where he grabbed the hose feeling scared because his behavior was probably making things worse.

"I only wanna look. I never got to see a fire engine up close personally before."

The hook-and-ladder driver wasn't angry. He understood how kids visiting the fire station couldn't resist touching the long truck. Poor Monkey looked so embarrassed the man took off his hat and held it out, "Would you like to try on my hat?"

"Would I!?"

FireFighter Opice

1st January 2005

"Wow! This is so cool!" Monkey grinned ear to ear and that's a lot of grinning!

(curser over foto for close-up)

If you're wondering why Monkey isn't wishing everyone Happy New Year, it's because it isn't--not yet, not on his calendar. Remember, Czech-Chinese New Year ends on 9 February 2005.

"I've got 40 more days to play!" he laughs at his over-worked webpage worker.

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