A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 54:  23 - 29 Jan. 2005

Zoo sign
Sunday, 23rd

You knew it had to happen eventually:
a trip to the zoo.

Opice goes straight to the day's calendar to learn if there's anything special he wants to attend. Soon he's laughing like a howler monkey. Gasping for air, he tries explaining.

Zoo events
"Ha ha ha, 'Giraffe Enrichment Talk.' Tee hee hee, 'Hornbill Enrichment,' Tiger Enrichment,' I can't stand it! Ha ho hahahee!" (gasp gasp)  

"What is this, some kind of self-help seminar for the 'animal potential' movement? Why don't the giraffes go to Esalen if they wanna get self-actualized? And the tigers I know? They only have one kind of enrichment in mind and that involves catching dinner!"

Primates: how Monkey sizes up.

Monday, 24th Busted!

Here's a wider view of yesterday's foto. Monkey wondered how he stacked-up in the scale of things. I guess we'd have to agree, he's the monkey in the middle.

Tuesday, 25th

The 'Old Man of the Forest' is hiding under a blanket. Smart. It's cold and damp today. Twice smart! The orangutan clutches his blankie well out of Monkey's reach.

Orangutan hides under blanket.

Dude, check out this grass!

Wednesday, 26th
All Hail Monkey!

Typical, a giraffe calls a friend over to share some good green grass and Opice interprets the incident as two giraffes coming to bow before him.

His ego has never landed.

Giraffes talking with mouths full.

Thursday, 27th

Opice wasn't sure he wanted to put his head thru the hole in the wall.

Because I want to take a picture.
Because everyone does it.
Because it's cool; you'll see.
Because come on, pleeeez?
Because.., because!
Because it's there!

Zoo Tourist dude

Opice clings to Sienna .

Friday, 28th

"I'm cold. I'm tired. I wanna ride on the stroller with Sienna & Sage. Can we go now? I want some ice cream. Can we go get some ice cream cuz I'm cold."

You think I make this stuff up? No way. Monkey (or was it Sienna?) actually said that.

Saturday, 29th

Plush Monkey's Plush Poisson

Of course Opice insisted upon getting a souvenir from the zoo gift shop and since he spent so much time viewing mammals and reptiles, he selected this plush fish pillow. For those who don't parlez French, he's vousing fish--not poison.

Here he is, in the bathtub, eager to have it filled with bubble bath so he can swim with the fishy. I can't even count how many bad ideas that entails.

Monkey with his plush fish.

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