A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 55:  Jan. 30 - 5 Feb. 2005

Sunday, 30th  He's got no strings to hold him up!

Monkey at the brink.
This is the Monkey
that started it all.


1 from COLUMN A

  Horseshoe super magnet.  +
This is the mega-magnet
that Monkey thinks
is massively cool.


This is the shower that
Monkey uses that has the Kokopelli shower curtain
that hangs from the steel rod.


1 from COLUMN B

Shower with curtain rod.

1 from COLUMN C







Monkey hangs from shower curtain rod via magnet.

Monkey hangs from the curtain rod by the invisible force of magnetism. Thus he demonstrates        Ta-daa!
the power of positively thinking silly.

But hey, magnets are cool! Opice is equally excited about the opposite of hanging--floating on magnetic fields.

Cooler still are super-cooled conductors that act like magnetic mirrors and can float a magnet like anti-gravity.
And people call Monkey "shallow." I think this experiment disproves the criticism that he's that deep.


    Monday, 31st
Monkey needs to get some outdoors exercise before he starts swinging from the chandelier.*

"Let's go play in the snow!" he urges.

I suggest snow's too cold in winter. I'd rather stay here in the warm sun and putz around the garden.

"No worries," he agrees. "I can drive."

Let's go play in the snow!

Yes worry!

David does not let Opice drive his van. So Monkey gets moved to the back seat and strapped in for the trip up the mountain toward Tahoe.

(roll over to see
him strapped in.)

*Note: there are no chandeliers in Casa de MonkeyBiz. If there were--they'd be gone by now.

February 1st, Tuesday

Properly outfitted, Opice hits the drifts easily walking atop the crusted snow. Without those "shoes" he'd sink right in. It's gravitational physics and physical stuff working against each other. The Earth is (mostly) pulling him toward it but the thin ice doesn't want to break and the snow resists being compressed. Snowshoes decrease his weight per square inch below the point at which he'd break thru the surface and sink.

If he did sink, then additional principles of mechanics would apply. He'd probably sink until the snow compressed to a density which stopped gravity's grab, or buoyancy kicked-in pushing up, or something to do with vectors happened.

Snowshoe Monkey!
"I think someone thinks too much. Me?
I'm just here for the snow! Race ya to the top!"

Look how deep!

Wednesday, 2nd

David & Joe would be in over their heads if Monkey didn't show them a good spot in which to stand.


And look at that view!

Lake Tahoe

Time to change his mind.

Thursday, 3rd
"On 2nd   thought..."

Another perspective of the view.

Monkey thinks not, because of the view!


Friday, 4th

The day passes quickly, shadows grow, and Monkey feels winter's chill atop the Sierra.

"I've had a wonderful time," he tells his friends. But they don't catch his subtle meaning.

"You look cold, Joe." But Joe disagrees he shouldn't cuz he isn't.

"We don't want to stay too late because it's a long drive home for David." But David reminds it's Joe's turn to drive going back and Joe says he doesn't mind.

"Good," Monkey seizes the point. "Then you won't mind going now. I'm getting cold!"

I'm starting to get cold.

Chain Monkey

Saturday, 5th

They start down the mountain only to be stopped by CalTrans. Chains are required for the next 10 miles.

"No problem!" Monkey tells everyone. "We've got them right here," he pulls the box out from under his seat.

"And I'm virtually a 'Chain Monkey!'"

Note: Opice's right. The nickname for people who install chains on cars going over the Sierra is, in fact, CHAIN MONKEY.

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