A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 30:  8 - 14 August 2004

Chillin' in the computer room.

Sunday, 8th

Here's Monkey in his Computer Room. This high-tech center is where he dreams-up antics, anticipates future misadventures, and looks over-the-shoulder of his poor webslave who chronicles everything. Monkey also constantly offers him encouragement, e.g.:

"That picture's too small." - "I want the text on the other side of that pane." - "Too blue! You gotta color-correct!" - "You're behind schedule." - "Where's the animation? This week needs animation." - "Why aren't you using that foto of me and Peter Tork?" . . .

(Click here for no animation.)

Monday, 9th

Here's Monkey in one of his hang-outs around the house. You'll usually find him in the Computer Room, the livingroom, the kitchen, or here (tho not necessarily in that order). He calls this his "secret hideout."

Move your mouse over the pix to see where he hides. (Here's a hint; remember, Opice holds a gold medal in Olympic dumpster diving.)

Monkey's hangout hideout

A typical day on Monkey's calendar

Tuesday, 10th

These are not Monkey's bananas any more.
These are Eva & Václav's in their yard growing from cuttings of Opice's plants. Because the greenery was "cloned," Monkey feels a paternal need to 'Czech-in' on them, often.

Here you see Opice working hard at observing the health care Václav gives the bananas. It takes time to commune with herbaceous plants. One must be patient, quiet, relaxed, content with the snacks served, hydrated by cool drinks and an occasional dip in the swimming pool.

Wednesday, 11th

It's time to go home and Monkey does not want to. He wants to stay and play. No matter what I say, all he does is beg, "Why?"

We have to get home and start dinner.
Because it's getting late.
You've been here all day. Time to go.
I told you why, now common.

Dipping toes in the pool.

Up the antenna!

Thursday, 12th

You come down from there right this minute!

We are never going to get home if I can't think of some way to coax him down from Václav's tv antenna.

Friday, 13th
I know what to do!

When Monkey goes ape and can't be controlled in any other way, I have a secret weapon. I run to the car and grab it and come back and begin reading:

This is George. He lived in Africa. He was a good little monkey and always very curious...

"STOP!" Yells down Opice from the TV antenna.

Not until you come down from there! I start reading again: One day George saw a man...

"I'm down, I'm down, already." Monkey tugs at the book trying to disarm me. He hates that book.

Why? Is it so bad? No. It's a good book. People all 'round the world love it. Opice hates it because people often compare him to the book's main ape, Curious George.

Curious George bookcover
Curious George on the Internet
Curious George on the Internet

"I'm nothing like him!" Monkey has been known to scream. "He has no tail! I have a very prehensile one. He's from Africa. I'm from Czech Republic. He lives with some guy in a yellow hat. I don't. He's been arrested. I've never been caught."

I must agree with all his points, and I would add that Monkey differs from George in yet another vital way. Yes, they're both curious, but... Why don't you reread the book's open and see what you think?

Saturday, 14th
National Code Talkers' Day

Monkey joins Vášek standing at attention in honor of the Navajo Code Talkers who were key to the Allies winning World War II in the Pacific. The Japanese could never crack a "code" based on the Diné language.

Monkey knows people whose parents or grandparents were Code Talkers and he never forgets how much we all owe those verterans. That's why the movie Windtalkers disappointed Monkey so much. It got the emphasis all wrong. Click that link and think, why would an Anglo be the Star-of-the-Show when the film is supposed to be about Native American heros?

Monkey & Vašek respect Navajo Code Talkers.

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