A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 29:  1 - 7 August 2004

What's Monkey hiding?What's Monkey hiding?What's Monkey hiding?

Sunday, 1st  What's Monkey hiding?

You know he's always up to something silly. Today he's hiding some tasty treats and he wants you to play a game: Find My Favorite Food!

If you can find his favorite food hidden behind him, he'll show you how he grows it! (165k file)

Here's how to play:
1) Point your mouse cursor over a picture of Opice and he'll show you something he likes.
2) If you think you see his Fave, click the food.
3) If you're right, you'll see what he grew in only 4 months!
4) Don't panic, but if you click the wrong food--you loose.

Monkey calls the winner.

Monday, 2nd
Opice calls the winner of yesterday's game.

"Hello, Václav! You won my Find My Favorite Food game!"

Kdo volá? ["Who's calling?" Václav asks nervously because he knows that voice.]

"It's me, Monkey. I'm calling to congratulate Václav."

Není tady. [Václav says, "He's not here."]

"When Václav comes home will you tell him he won my game and Happy Birthday, please? I bought him a very nice gift."

Ok, I'll tell him when he comes home. What did you buy me? I mean him.

Tuesday, 3rd
Castle Karlstejn or Karlstein

This is Václav's castle, honest!
Not Monkey's friend's who stands beside it, but the Bohemian (Good) King Wenceslaus--which is kinda the English/German version of Václav's namesake.

Ahoj King Václav.
                                                   This is the birthday present Opice bought his friend. This digital picture posted
                                                   on the internet. Monkey is exceedingly generous, but penuriously cheap.

2 Artichokes

Wednesday, 4th

Václav is also very generous. He liked playing Monkey's game so little (not to mention the digital picture which he can't use) that he bought Opice a new food to try: artichokes.

"Ouch!" Opice complains touching an artichoke thorn. "They're like thistles. Do they taste good? I hope so cuz they're big! How do I peal and cook them?"

Thursday, 5th

Time to start cookin'! Tomorrow is David's birthday and Monkey wants to make a special dinner (with no artichokes).

Step #1: heat the wok.
Step #2: order pizza.   

Monkey begins preparing dinner.

Friday, 6th
David's Birthday

Monkey serves splenda home made ice-cream and carrot cake baked from scratch. He's not a very good cake decorator--but all the guests said everything tasted good.

By the way, he doesn't mean "splendid home made," he does mean "Splenda." Monkey's friends are on low carb diets.

Monkey hosts a birthday party.

Saturday, 7th: Day 200!

Opice calls a breakfast staff meeting on the 200th day of his year. He thanks his webslave saying what a good job has been done to date, complimenting him on the attention to detail and professionalism. "But..."

Uh-oh. Everyone knows when the boss says how great you are, BUT...
There must be trouble ahead. What's he got in mind for the next half year?!

[Remember, The Year of the Monkey runs from 22 Jan 2004 - 9 Feb 2005!]

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