A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 1:   21 - 24 January 2004
Sunday (pre-monkey)

Monday (pre-monkey)

Tuesday (pre-monkey)
Monkey get's ready to go out partying.

Wednesday, 21st
Chinese New Year's Eve


Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey!

Here's a photo I snapped of our Monkey getting ready go out and party like it's 1999!

Be careful while out tonight. Monkeys are notoriously unreliable drivers... especially after a few banana daiquiris or worse, lime in the coconut shook all up!

(If anyone's wondering, Monkey recently became obsessed with Kokopelli. He had his bathroom remodeled while his housemates were at work… so we couldn't stop him.)

Upchucking like it's 2000.

Thursday, 22nd
Year of the Monkey

Gung Hay Fat Upchuck!

Monkey's off to a typical start.

Webstering cobwebs--not much

Friday, 23rd

Our Monkey's Photojournal continues.

Tradition demands that one clean house and put one's affairs in order BEFORE the new year. Of course, Monkey isn't superstitious about these things. No, he's a procrastinator.

So today (after a very rough day yesterday), he's up and about cleaning, dusting, webstering, sweeping, vacuuming... all of which you'll bear witness to over the next few days.

I know I for one am going to really enjoy this year with a monkey to do all my chores for me... AS IF!

If you look closely at the picture--those cobwebs up in the corner?--still there, were I to send you an "after" pix.

He's not very good at webstering. Let's hope he does better tomorrow.

Cleaning up the Hippopota--mess.

Saturday, 24th

Monkey's doing a good job today cleaning up after one of Paisley's little jobs.

For those who don't know, Paisley is the Christmas Hippopotamus that guards the hearth here at TheGuy's place. Mostly Paisley sleeps; but occasionally hippopota--messes..

Monkey to the rescue. Except.... NOOOOoooo!! Don't hide it under the handwoven Tibetan rug!

Bad, Monkey. Bad bad bad.

This is his first week.
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