A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 2:   25 - 31 January 2004
Sweeping our Mega-deck. Good job!

Sunday, 25th

At least our simulated simian has made a clean sweep of the deck.

If only he'd learn to rake leaves or prune our trees.

animation: Monkey scales grapevine, pruns/kills 75 year old plant.

Monday, 26th

It was hard, but I think I've taught Monkey how to prune the grapevine.

I discovered the secret was, I have to show him EXACTLY what I want him to do. So once I'd taught him how to climb the vine, we were half way there.

Then I handed him the clippers and let him loose.

[We'll be planting new grapes next year, I guess.]

Picking Mandarin Oranges (before the squirels get them)
Tuesday, 27th
Monkey's picking oranges for us today.

He goes after the ones we find hard to reach, way up "high" in the dwarf Mandarin tree.
Writing of small things, he prefers to fill those little, clear, zip-lock sandwich bags. He finds the big, black trash-liner sized bags too much work and refuses to pick that many.

Friends drop by: Frogg & his nephew Frogg Jr.

Wednesday, 28th  A work break

Monkey came down from our citrus orchard when an old friend of his hopped in with a nephew. Monkey was excited to see his buddy (it'd been quite a while), and asked me to snap a pix of the two together.

Then he sat down and got to know the young'un. Monkey never talks down to youngsters (Gen-Xers, -Yers, or Seniors (in 2nd-Gen Kids)). Monkey doesn't believe in dumbing it down; rather, he believes in smarting 'em up. Why he's shown me about string theory properties that I'm still trying to untangle...

Anyone know how to get my fingers out of this cat's cradle knot?

Dusting, a.k.a drinking pivo (Czech beer)

Thursday, 29th


Look at that Monkey. Typical Czech guy. Got his pivo (beer) and he's "working."

I guess I should be happy he's using a coaster. If only he'd use some Lemon Pledge on the wood.

Monkey cranks up the Edison ("Victrola")

Friday, 30th
(micro-Mafia threat)

Dear Friends,
I recently received an anonymous "ADVISERY" per Monkey. I quote that threat in part:

"...You're making a Martha [Steward] out of that monkey! Should you continue domesticating the poor creature, here's an insider's tip you can take to stock and trade on...!!!" [explicit deletions]

I delete specific suggestions which followed, of course, in order to avoid being guilty of lying about obstructing Monkey-trial injustice.

Let me answer the writer as she (I mean the person) wrote I should.

1) Yes, I understand and apologize.
2) The cash [three unmarked $1 bills] is en route to the drop-off point.
3) I have not notified the police nor anyone else. The courier is NOT, I repeat NOT, a law enforcement officer wired with a tracking device--the uniform is a costume. Yeah, that's it. It's pretend, like the transmitter in the money pouch.
4) The picture you demanded is attached showing Monkey relaxing, listening to one of his favorite Victrola records on the old Edison Record Player you lent us.
Webslave to Monkey
PS: A further message to Anonymous: I'm sorry about your Edison. Maybe it can be fixed. Serves you right for letting him monkey around with it!

Monkey's Fave CD: "I Am Woman"

Saturday, 31st

Monkey tired of cranking the Edison and because I'm under strict orders to allow him a respite from domesticity (not that anyone gives me such a vacation), I let him cue-up his favorite CD.

If he lived in any other household, there might be gender identity concerns--but we believe in reaching one's full potential, whatever that potential in whatever ensemble.

Or in the naked ape's (or Monkey's) case, buff's okay, too.

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