A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 23:  20 - 26 June 2004
Hubbell Trading Post (& National Historic Site)
sketch of Hubbell's home/post as he knew it.

Sunday, 20th
Father's Day

Monkey's not known for his reverence of ancestors (cuz he's got none that he knows of). But he is part of a clan ("Plush Toys"), so at least he has a totemic sense of what it would be like to have progenitors (at least at the polymer level).

Whew, what a mouthful! All Opice meant to say (not that he said any of that) is that today is Dad's Day and Monkey wants people to show a little respect for the man who gave his name to this national park.

Take an Air Tour of Ganado
with Opice & J.L. Hubbell.

Hubbell Hill--Monkey pays respects
Monkey reflects on John Lorenzo Hubbell, who lies up there on Hubbell Hill with some of the Hubbell clan and JL's Navajo friend: Totsohnii Hastiin [a.k.a. Many Horses].

GANADO Falls, slowly I turned, step by step...

Monday, 21st
1st full day of Summer

Not speaking of fall... here's what locals call "Ganado Falls" of the Pueblo Colorado Wash.

It may not look like much now--but Monkey's ready for the next flash flood when it's gonna go totally Niagara!

(Additional Ganado history)

Knock knock. Who's there? Monkey! Monkey who!?

Tuesday, 22nd

Monkey can't get the hogan's door open. The lock must have rusted shut.

Since he can't get inside to show you around, he asked me to spin him around the hogan outside. Seems logical to him.

Per usual, his wish became my command.

Merry go round the hogan.


Wednesday, 23rd

Another tour! Click the pix to see bigger versions of all the things Monkey found around back of the Hubbell home.

Can you guess which one he found most important?

Barnyard Montage

Great blue rock.

Thursday, 24th

"Isn't this pretty? I think I can make jewelry out of it when I get it home.

Civil War Ambulence (wounded by ape)

Is interactive!

(the picture and you know who)

Point your mouse at the bad boy and watch him try to make his getaway!

Note: this is a genuine Civil War ambulance wagon. One of perhaps 3 remaining in the world.

Saturday, 26th

Monkey rests outside the trading post on this chair carved from a log. "It's hard," he complains. "What kind of wood is this?"

I explain it's petrified.

"What scared it so bad?" he asks.

I smile explaining the word also means "turned to stone." The original rock probably came from the petrified forest just outside Nazlini. Opice makes me promise to show it to him next week.

Petrified Wood chair
Anyone for a trim? riding plowshare like a lord Whatcha in for? Let me in, now!
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