A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 22:  13 - 19 June 2004
Hubbell Trading Post (& National Historic Site)
Monkey tries the ox yoke seesaw.

Sunday, 13th

Monkey can't wait for the Trading Post to open. So he doesn't. He climbs up onto the ox yoke and sneaks in thru the transit.

Once inside the "Bull pen" or general store, he finds he can't get served.

Well, duh?! The employees haven't come to work yet! Serves him right, not getting served.

Service please. Hello? Anybody back there?

Monday, 14th

With no-one to supervise him, Monkey feels free to explore. First he fancies himself a cowpoke, a regular ape-aroo.





Stove ridin' ape-aroo.

Suddenly there's the sound of a key in the door!

The Trader has come to open up.

Monkey has to hide, fast! Fortunately, he's a master disappearer.

Monkey hides!
Monkey dives & hides!


design line
1 of each, please.

Tuesday, 15th

Out of the barrel,
into the jewelry,

Someone forgot a sign:
"Do not jump on glass case."
Monkey looks for a banana fetish.
A near perfect fit.
"Navajo blingbling."
Bolo challenged.
Monkey becomes basket case: Let me out!
Red coral, turquoise, sillver, and sticky mitts.
Trapped in display case.
design line

Wednesday, 16th
"Let's go into the Rug Room!"

"Look at all these Navajo rugs. There must be a gazillion!"

This leaves Opice unsure where to start.

"Here!" he decides snuggling down to nap.

Monkey tests rugs.
Meeting of minds.Pre-rug.

Monkey finds a sheep (of like-mind) used to illustrate the origins of wool. The lamb explains how his people are a valuable by-product of rug making.

Sheep also brags that the Navajo know:
Dibé-Diné bí’íína’
which means "Sheep is life."

Uuuuu, Katsinas!

Thursday, 17th Golllly, Hopi Katsinas!

Good thing they're out of reach. They look very breakable.

This is a good time to point out that the Navajo People call themselves "Diné" in Navajo. Pointing this out confuses Opice who has Hopis on his mind.

"So like, in Czech my name is 'Opice' which is 'Monkey' in English. But in English I'm also called Opice which is Monkey in Czech. Does that mean the Indians call themselves 'Navajo' or 'Diné' when speaking Hopi or Czech?'

Friday, 18th
Rugs, baskets, cradleboard, guns, & trophies.

Deadheads and guns make Monkey nervous. Opice shares a certain inanimate quality with the stuffed busts and he does NOT like to be reminded of it.

Nor of the rock concert he attended that time. Monkey once told me:
"Deadheads are nice people; really they are. But Jerry Garcia nearly got me loved to death when he dedicated Friend of the Devil to me." [94k mp3 file]

Deer heads disconcert Opice.

Weavers at work entertaining Monkey.
Mary Henderson Begay & Helen Kirk

Saturday, 19th
The art of weaving.

Monkey sat quietly watching the Visitors Center Resident Weavers. Who knew he could sit quietly?!

When they went to lunch he moved in to try his hands 'n feet at the loom. Within seconds he'd turned a Ganado rug into an Eye-Puzzler. Now we knew he could do that!

Opice sneaks a weave.
Click to learn more about Navajo rugs and the two expert weavers.

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