A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 11:  March 28 - 3 April 2004

Sunday, 28th
(The last cookie in the jar.)

You behave yourself, Monkey, while I go grocery shopping. And keep out of those cookies!

The old cookie jar snatch
Poster for "Bananas is My Business"

Monday, 29th

Monkey loves Carmen Miranda, by the way. Who wouldn't love a person whose business is bananas? Monkey grows the best bananas because he has a green opposable thumb and plays Carmen Miranda music to the plants.
[music file is 158k file]

"It's beter than talking to them," he explains, "because I turn it on and leave and everyone thinks I'm still there working."

Boombox serinades the bnanana plants.
Carmen Miranduck for the spa

Tuesday, 30th
Carmen Miranduck

In fact, there are those who suspect Opice is taking his Carmen Miranda interest a leeeeetl too far. I mean, a "tutti-fruitti rubber ducky"?!

Classic Carmin wink
Busby Berkley's Banana Babes Chorusline

Wednesday, 31st

It all started the first time Opice watched "The Gang's All Here," an Edward Everett Horton film. You know what a big fan of his Monkey is. And of musicals, especially Busby Berkley musicals.

Well, I'm telling you; it was love a first sight when out came the Queen of Fruits, Carmen Miranda, during the Big Banana Ballet.

Still from flick
Click to hear music.

Monkey in Miranda drag

Thursday, 1st
Ape Fools Day

Opice's worth a thousand words.

Carmen Miranda even more so.

Carmen Miranda cinimatic Pop Art

Ok, I lied. But I was just trying to keep the story moving along. I skipped mentioning that Monkey was living in Murphysboro, Il (He was young and needed the money for Grad School.) when he discovered "The Gang's All Here." He loved the movie so much he rushed out to buy the Record. (He pirated the video, of course.)

Murphysboro is not too far from Metropolis which is only a hoot 'n holler from Paducah, a town made famous by Benny Goodman & Carmen Miranda in this film. (So don't pooh-pooh Paducah, ok?!)

Friday, 2nd

The Gang's All Here Soundtrack
Original Soundtrack Recording of 1943 film hit: The Gang's All Here.

Midwest Map shows Paducah, Kalamazoo, etc.

Key to Map:

U.P. = Upper Peninsula, shown here because people never remember to show it on maps.

K = Kalamazoo, because it's a wonderful song.

M = Metropolis where Superman lives.

P = Paducah "if you want to you can rhyme it with Bazooka"[music file 66k]

Western States showing Ganado and Sacto

Key to Map:

S = Sacramento and Northern California, Monkey's major hangouts. Next week he takes you rock climbing in Davis!

G = Cornfields-Ganado-Nazlini ruralplex in Navajo Nation. This is where Hago lives and where Monkey will take you in May.
Native American arts, beautiful landscapes, archaeology, and wireless networking!

Monkey Consults Map. Where's he taking us next?

Saturday, 3rd

Stand by for action cuz it's Travels with Monkey!

It's more low adventure with Opice. He takes you places others avoid, places where no one goes.

"And I'll show you why!", he boasts.

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