A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 7: February 29 - 6 March 2004

Sunday, 29 February Leap(ing) Day!

Opice lives in a nice neighborhood with nice neighbors with nice toys which he nicely shares with himself. Because this is Leap Year Day, he climbed over the fence to bounce on the trampoline in the yard next door. It’s perfect for a leaping simian.

Monkey! Don’t get carried away. Take it easy. You’re jumping too hard!! Oh, nooooo!!

Animation of Monkey breaking Trapoline.
Monkey poses before the Black & White Photo Lab

Monday, 1 March

Monkey’s camped out at the Black & White Photo Lab waiting for it to open (if only he could read).

His Evil Webmaster had yesterday’s candid snapshot processed there. You know the picture; it’s of Opice bouncing on (and thru) his neighbor’s trampoline. Opice wants that negative. He needs to cover his baboon bottom.

Besides, anyplace called “laboratory” is worth visiting. Monkey’s very interested in science. Maybe he can go “[into] the lab, and see what’s on the slab”?* At very least he’ll find the incriminating evidence and destroy it… and anything else he comes in contact with.
      *Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dr. Frankenfurter: Monkey’s personal physician.

[Super] Tuesday, 2nd

Oh, look! Pretty!

Christine's Balinese wind chimes caught his attention and he’s already forgotten why he came to the foto shop. Opice has a good attention span—good and short. He not only forgets what he’s about to say, but what he’s about to do. I can’t tell you how many times he’s asked me, “Why did I come upstairs?”

Monkey grabs for the Balinese windchime
on SuperTuesday vote Monkey for Mayor!
He already forgot making
us display his yard sign.


Wednesday, 3rd

“Hey, what’s that? A Mr. Spock Machine!” Monkey shouts climbing down from playing with the wind chime. He nudges Jessica away from the lab print machine and pretends he’s on a Star Trek set.
          Negative developer or Mr. Spock Star Trek machine?
“I scan three lifesigns on the planet. Two humanoid and one highly intelligent anthropoid. It’s Opice, captain. I shall beam down and rescue him from the humans.”
Foto enlarger cum Monkey ladder

But before Monkey beams down, he watches Claude go into a black chamber; rotate its door shut; and vanish! When the door stopped spinning, Claude was gone!

Opice scurried up an enlarger for a better vantage of the magic door. Christine told him it’s a special way into the darkroom. She shouldn’t have. Now he insists upon going in there.

Do NOT let him in your darkroom, Christine. You will so regret it if you do.

Thursday, 4th

By now you know Monkey well enough to know he can turn anything into a toy.

It’s a gift…
….I guess.

Monkey rides the rotating darkroom door. Click the animation to watch a larger version (230k).
Monkey's loose in the darkroom!

Friday, 5th

I promise to spare you Monkey’s dark(room) humor. His puns were unbearable, e.g. “…see what develops,” “don’t be negative,” “You're so negative.” “Don’t tell me, tell a photo!” “Can I flash you?”, etc.

Except, didn’t I just break my word? Whatever.

You can guess what he wanted to use the enlarger on.

Bonus Foto! Click here to enjoy a "special treat."

Saturday, 6th

Ha ha, Monkey! You can cuddle up to Mr. Black & White Bear, but I can see he’s not going to forgive you.

Serves you right. You’ll be working for him for months to pay for all the stuff you broke at his business.

Monkey has to work as a clerk to pay for damages

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