A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 9:  14 - 20 March 2004
Opice Monkey gets a fiber optic connection to the Internet, the universe, and everything.

Monkey welcomes the fiber-optic installers.

Sunday, 14th

"They're here! They're here!" Monkey yells
leaping atop the startled SureWest workers' truck.

"Let's get everything hooked-up fast!"


Monday, 15th

Opice seizes the opportunity to help pull "cat-5" cable. Unfortunately, the man at the other end is trying to pull the cable the opposite direction.

pulling "cat-5" cable against the installer    [Ides O'March]

Monkey helps watch the installer.

Tuesday, 16th

Monkey settles down to supervise one of his 4 assistants. He can't wait to look up that fiber optic line and see all the pretty ultraviolet colors inside.

Shamrock boarderShamrock boarderShamrock boarder
When the installer's back was turned.

St. Patrick's Day*

Wednesday, 17th  Monkey saw - Monkey does.

"I can do that!" Monkey thinks when the installer goes to the truck for more parts.

"I will make a nice surprise for him when he gets back!"

*Czech Plush Monkeys don't celebrate St. Pat's, tho they may exhibit a C(z)eltic proclivity to jig.


Here's where I want the kitchen video.

Thursday, 18th

Monkey gets sent into the house to prepare for the men's inside jobs.

Monkey urges his assistant forward.
Opice urges the technician forward.


Friday, 19th
What's zat? Is that the cable box? Gimme the remote! Cool! Do you want this part now? Le'me hold that for you. What's this wire for? Can I have the box? Where's this go? I think you should put the black line in the red jack. We have sound & picture! Can I beta test it yet?
Which channel is PlayApe?

Final touches before testing.

1st Day of Spring(ing)

bonus page
Finishing the Big-Screen installation.

The man shows Opice an important connection.

Saturday, 20th

Nearing completion.

It always surprises me how tolerant people are when Monkey shadows them about their work. Fortunately, most folk get the joke that he's just a plush fabrication (which animates my life).

Now that Opice has 10 Megabit internet bandwidth, all the television channels in the world, and voice over IP telephony, he is one proud primate.

[No, he hasn't a clue what "voice over IP" means, but none-the-less for once his hubris is merited.]

Monkey as product placement.
This website thanx SureWest for allowing Monkey to help install and test their exciting package of products.



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