A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 43:  7 - 13 Nov. 2004

Sunday, 7th

The alleged Fish Ladder

Monkey doesn't know why it's not called "Fish Steps" in as much as the water cascades down steps to the river.

"Is it because fish have no feet? They have no hands, neether! So why ladder and not steps?

"Who names these things, anyway!?"

A fish leaps up the ladder (of steps).

Fish flock!

Monday, 8th

"Fish swarm!" Opice marvels at the innumerable salmon crowded together at the top of the "ladder.".

I suggest he could walk across the water on them there are so many. The idea makes him kinda angry.

"How would you like people walking on your back while you were spawning?" he demands.


Fascinatin' river.

Artist's misconception

Faux river, fake fish, fascination for Monkey.
Flat fish or faux flounder?

Tuesday, 9th

Ride the Wild Salmon!

Opice climbs a stone column to get astride a fish sculpture. (We all know how much he likes climbable art.)

But what if...?

Yee-ha! Bucking Chinook sculpture.

What if the fish were Great Ape super-sized and Monkey a small fry?

The idea sounds fun at first. Monkey climbs inside a trout mouth and imagines an underwater tour from the hatchery to the Pacific Ocean and back again.

Things go well until Monkey catches site of a shark swimming along side. Then he wants out.

But the mega-mouth trout has different ideas: "Fly, fry, or guy--nobody rides for free." it salivates gill to gill.

"Let me out! Let me out!" Opice begs. "Don't eat me. I'm not monkey meat. I'll give you furballs! Helllllp!!!!"

Click here for fishheads.

Fish gotta swim & Monkey's gotta ride!
Monkey has 2nd thoughts.

River habitat hideout.

Wednesday, 10th

Opice pulls free of the ravenous giant fish and runs/hides in the river habitat display.

He feels momentarily safe behind the tree roots.

Safe? Depends on what the birds above do, doesn't it?

Thursday, 11th

Monkey disappears, again. His miniatureization experience seems to have become some sort of "Fantastic Voyage" for him. At least he's learning fish spawning essentials from the begining, so to speak.

Row, row, row (no boat).

1 fish, 2 fish, I read fish now let's view fish!

Friday, 12th

Everything's back to normal. Our friend has re-imagined himself full size.

"Time for some quality fish spotting!" he announces. "Grab your binoculars and lets focus on fish."

Haven't we been doing that all day?

Saturday, 13th  Attack of the killer Chinook.

The following composite foto is true. Only the fish frames have been changed to protect the innocent. Not only did spawning fish splash Monkey as he lay salmon spotting, but one leapt up between the rocks and nipped his paw!

Monkey complained to a park ranger. She told him he was lucky he hadn't been dragged out into the river and to get out of the hatchery if he couldn't take the heat of spawning. Having gotten no sympathy, Opice decided to go where he'd be better appreciated. Is there such a place?

Splish-splash, salmon give Monkey a bath.

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