A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 42:  Oct 31 - 6 Nov. 2004

Pirate Primate

Sunday, 31st

Play Monkey's costume game.
Find the winning costume and enjoy a tricky treat.

Glamour Gorilla
Ranger Ape
Hairy Potter Bobby Monkey

Showing how to keep the books properly.

1 November, Monday

As Monkey explained when outlining his business prospective for Esoteric Records, it's very important to know how to properly keep books. Here we see him hard at work in the back room adding sales from column A, subtracting bills from column B, and tabulating taxable income (column C) on his Etch-U-Sketch.

Monkey scales the mountain of CDs.

Tuesday, 2nd

Where's he going?

Our friend is climbing up the CD bin (Rock M-Z), but why?

If you want to find why, click this pix.
(221k file)

Hey, hey, that's the Monkeys!

Wednesday, 3rd

If you watched his climb yesterday, you know what tunes he went for: The Monkees.

Not Monkey's nor Monkeys nor Monk keys. Hey-hey monkies. You can hear the difference can't you?

<=Hear ye; hear ye.

Thursday, 4th

Having turned Esoteric Records completely around and upside down and inside out, Monkey is about to go outside in as Denis gives Opice a surprise ride out the front door.

(slam, click, lock, lights out, shades pulled)

Denis wants to give Opice a ride.

That's it! A fish!

Friday, 5th

Ever have one of those days when in the back of your head you kept thinking, "I know I'm forgetting something."? The thought has bugged Opice for daze. Finally it came to him as he sat admiring his movie poster.

"That's it! The fish! The salmon are spawning at the fish hatchery and I've gotta go help them up the ladder!"

Hold on folks. We're off on another adventure, lox stocked & barrels of roe. [How'z he gunna row Without a Paddle???]

Saturday, 6th

"Welcome to the the American River Parkway at Nimbus Fish Hatchery.

"Altho it's a weekend, the fish have a lot of work to do. I'll show you how to be a successful Chinook Salmon, Steelhead Trout, and professional fish watcher."

(Click either foto to visit the hatchery's offficial website.)

The American River.
Fish weir(d).

"There's the fish weir. It's like a river fence that keeps fish from swimming upstream. Instead they have to turn right and come up the ladder which fish can't climb so they jump.

"The land fence is weird too because I can climb over it without a ladder. It's probably supposed to keep people from getting into a fishing frenzy."

Area 2
The hatchery was constructed in 1955 to compensate for the loss of spawning area upstream from Nimbus Dam. As Chinook salmon and the Steelhead migrate up the river during the fall and winter, the weir rack guides them to the fish ladder.

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