A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

His final Week 56:  6 - 9 Feb. 2005

Sunday, 6th

These are Opice's antique telephones. He has 2: one to phone and the other to answer. They used to be connected between the attic and the basement when he was a kid.

The last pix shows the inside telephone magneto that makes electricity to ring the bells and power the line when he turns the crank. (There also used to be 2 huge cylinder batteries inside the bottom box.)

Monkey's old "toy" phones.

Talk among yourselves!
Talk among yourselves.

Monkey demonstrates how the crank makes electricity

Monday, 7th

A trip to Roseville's Telephone Museum and (for comparison's sake) to SureWest Telephone/ Video/Internet/et .al.

Monkey demonstrates how the operator used to connect callers. The operator would sit attentively until the board signaled someone wished to make a call. Then Ernestine the Operator would say, "A gracious hello. Is this the party to whom I am speaking?"

"Operator. Number please?""One ringy-dingy. Two ringy-dingy..."
click to hear Lily Tomlin's Ernestine the Operator

Wrong side of the mic

Tuesday, 8th

Inside each cylinder is a mechanical switcher capable of "dialing" one digit of a fon#. Clickity-clickity-clickity-chunk it used to go to register a "4." It took at least 11 cylinders for one long distance number so the Fon Co. had to have thousands and thousands of these units chattering loudly day & night to keep the customers chatting yackity-yackity.

1st Generation telephone switcher
This generation of stuff. Today the technology is more like these pictures show. No noise, no moving parts, and so microminiaturized a single circuit board can handle zillions of calls. And instead of cooper wire, many SureWest customers are wireless and/or connected via glass fiber with laser beams.
Tempted to try twisting pairs.

Monkey studies one small section of panels teaming with zeros and ones streaming across the computerized network.

"If I pull enough of these thingama-bobbers out, will the machine sing 'Daisy Daisy' for me as all the telephone computers slowly die?

Speaking of slowly dying...
Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Wednesday, 9th
The Chicken has landed.

Yr-o-Monkey Day 384
Yr-o-Rooster Day 1

It's now the Year of the Chicken;
Monkey won't completely retire.

From time to time this website will be updated with Xtra Out-of-Time Adventures.

Opice still has many places to visit and endless things to do. Please check back.

                       A Clarification
Opice also wishes to clarify that his online adventures do NOT qualify as a blog.
"Monkey does not blog. Blogging is for people who absolutely know stuff and have important insights the world must read."

Opice doesn't post what he knows, because
1) he's not as well informed as bloggers who know
       it all already, and

2) his attention span precludes keeping a journal.

Not that Opice's insights as a member of the Czech plush animal community aren't as essential and bright as any other 5 watt beacon of online truth.

On the contrary...
"My 5 watts are florescent," Monkey boasts. "I save energy when I leave the light on for you.

"I'm (an Opic'ku which is Czech for "drunk.") Monkey and I approved this web message."

Thursday, 10th
Friday, 11th
Saturday, 12th

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