A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 28:  25 - 31 July 2004

Sunday, 25th

Wait a New York minute!
That building says, "Aloha" and "Honolulu" and "Airport" (at least).

How did Monkey get this picture? Is he still dreaming on Dave's motorcycle? [since yesterday]

Honolulu International Airport

Coconut Palm, Coi Pond, & Opice

Monday, 26th
Spot the Monkey!

He's laid-back on the Isle of Kauai.
Once again, there's no guessing where that Czech will next plant his plush tush.

(click pix for 234k animation)

Tuesday, 27th

Monkey draws you attention to the Traveler Palm [Ravenala madagascariensis] believed to be the traveler's friend because water could be found stored at the base of each leaf stalk.

Some FALSELY believe that the leaves always fan out east/west. Opice doesn't. He doesn't believe it's a palm, either. He knows better. He knows it's the cousin of the Bird-of-Paradise and guess which other Monkey pleasing non-tree.

Fan-shaped Traveler's Palm

Monkey plans a bunch ahead.

Wednesday, 28th

Ahhhh, bananas! This is an Apple Banana plant to be exact; it's cousin to the Traveler Palm. Alas, this fruit won't be ripe for weeks.

Ooops, Opice heard me say that. He's gone to explore elsewhere. (Patience is not one of his virtual characteristics.)

Thursday, 29th

Hawaiians call this "Hala."

Many people call it "Screw Pine," "Walking Tree," "Pandanus," or "Pandanus tectorius" by some persnickety types.

"It may be a tree; but I don't think it's a pine," Monkey observes.

If you point at the tree with your cursor, you'll find him hiding in it--the Screw Pine, not your mouse. You'll also better see the legs the tree "walks" on.

Who knew? An interactive Screw Pine.
Detail showing how plant grows-n-twist.
The leaves grow in a
corkscrew pattern.

Sitting in shade of Red Ginger
Lei-ing low in the shade.
Closer look at Red Ginger flowers
Red Ginger grows up.
Hanging "lobster claw" heliconia.
"Lobster Claw" Heliconia hangs down.

Friday, 30th

Opice shows you two more beautiful plants growing at his Friend's house in Kauai. And if you don't know, his lei is made from plumeria flowers (also called fragipani). He grows all of these at home, but not so easily. In winter the plants have to come into the house.

But Monkey says, "That's okay. I have a webmaster to take care of them."

Saturday, 31st
Shell ginger flowers close-up.
Shell Ginger

This ginger is blooming in front of Monkey's house today. It grows wild on Kauai and well in Opice's garden.
"It smells good," he says, "and makes me think of parrot beaks or merito shells."

Shell Ginger blooming @ Monkey's house.

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