A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 33:  Aug. 29 - 4 Sep. 2004

Opice-lympics week!
Each cup comes with a free nickle!

Sunday, 29th

Monkey heard that there's going to be an Olympics and wants to enter.(I don't know how he found out. He never reads the newspaper. Besides, the games were last week.)

Anyway, he needs to raise money to pay entry fees. Therefore, he set up a lemonade stand in front of Black & White Photo's going out of biz yardsale. Since he doesn't have any lemons, he decides to give each customer a 5¢ piece with their empty cup. He calls this "nickel up economics." I think it's voodoo.

"Best way to start the day!"

Satisfied customers

No carbs,
Zero Calories,
Lite & Satisfying!
Imagine that.

"Good to the first drop."

Monday, 30th

Monkey tests the waters. He's decided to train for a couple of Olympic fields: water & dumpster. Diving, of course.

If you'd like to watch him train in poolside diving, click the picture. (225 k file)

testing the water temperature

Warming up for next event.

Tuesday, 31st

Swim diving is great! Monkey dances celebrating how great he did. He's very self-celebratory.

Move the mouse cursor over him to see his fancy steps.

Good job! Now he's got an idea for another Olympic water sport to enter tomorrow.

Synchronized swimming?!

1 September, Wednesday

Opice has one of his brilliantly unbelievable ideas. He will enter the Synchronized Swimming Singles competition!

Click picture above to judge his routine. (200k file)

Thursday, 2nd

All that synchronized dance-swimming was too much work. Time for some silly fun with nephew Vášek before tomorrow's Gold Medal competition: DUMPSTER DIVING!

pseudo-animai dive
The big splash. He's all wet..., again. It's okay, tho, cuz he'll do anything to please the crowds.
The drowned rat look.

Friday, 3rd

As you know, these are the Opice-lympics and he always wins a Gold Medal in Dumpster Diving.

This year he's added a game for spectators to play during his competition. Monkey modestly calls it: Spot Monkey! (235k file)

Behold, the dumpster!

A prize discovery

Saturday, 4th

Once again Monkey proves, every dumpster contains a treasure.

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