A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 49:  19 - 25 Dec. 2004

Countdown to Xmascy

Sunday, 19th

This is the week. This is the worst week in the Monkey year. This is the week that tries an ape's temperament to the breaking point. This week Monkey must behave all week because Christmas comes on the last day!

Opice wants everything to be as perfect as he's going to be.

"The tree is still leaning. You have to tilt it a little more to the right.
Your left! My right.
The other right!! The left I'm point right toward!!!"

Opice directs straightening the tree.

Containing a gleeful giggle.

Monday, 20th

Monkey gets the giggles when a certain holiday song comes on the CD player. Naturally he's playing seasonal selections to put everyone in the spirit, priming his housemates for the big potlatch to come.

That's how he sees the Winter Solstice Spending Extravaganza, as an Anglo potlatch. Of course, he doesn't loose control like so many shoppers do. In fact, Monkey stays in very tight control of his money and the gifts he gets.

Anyway, in case you're still wondering what sent him sniggering, sit back relax, and contemplate the tree's pallet as you listen to: I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus

(Monkey contemplates this
year's tree's decorative theme
as he sits atop the xmas
lights storage box.
We'll soon see his holiday
vision of grandeur.)

What a wonderful wonderful tree!

Bubble-light blingbling.

Winter Solstice
Tuesday, 21st

Step 1: tangle with the bubble lights.

"I'm doing quality assurance," Opice excuses his dilemma.

(The animation right
is also roll-over-able!)

Bubble Light in action!

Wednesday, 22nd
Temptation rears it's fuzzy head.

Opice spies a package destined for the tree. He's tempted to pick it up, shake it, feel it, smell it... Patience is such a hard lesson to learn when it means not now.

"Can we open gifts the night before?" he asks.

We ask if he's thinking Christmas Eve.

"Yes! Please! The night before Christmas Eve!"

Gift temptation.

Thursday, 23rd

The tree's trimmed and Monkey's wishing upon a star. "What star?" you wonder.

"THE star," Opice answers. "My favorite star of stage and screen."

(Rollover the pix to zoom
in to see what he sees.)


Monkey sees an angel on the tree.

Friday, 24th  Merry Chistmas
Merry Chistmas banner.

Opice sings, "A very merry unChristmas to you, to you..." as he posts the banner.

Above's a foto of Monkey's 99¢ store holiday sign. Most people read it, seeing what they want to see. A few catch the flaw immediately. But Monkey's favorite folk are those who sit at the dining table thru a whole meal before realizing, "Hey! Did you know your banner's missing an 'R'?"

Too bad Opice didn't buy the whole set when he bought this one. Then he'd have banners for:
Happy Bithday, Happy Annivesary, Happy Fathes/Mothes Day, Hallowreen/Thanksgriving/Valrentines...

Saturday, 25th  Christmas
Non-animated sequence of event.

He loves it!

Opice adores the vase his Friends gave him. But shaking it he hears something inside. He reaches in and grabs whatever it is in there and then can't get his paw out with it. He won't let go but now his paw won't pull out!

Rollover the picture right
to see Monkey trap himself.

The Monkey Paw Problem

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