A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 3:   1 - 7 February 2004
Get off that amp, you ape!

Sunday, 1st

That's it! Monkeys playtime's over!!

He's gotten out of control, again so... tomorrow Monkey's back on his work schedule.

Everyone pulls their weight in this household--even if that IS less than a kilogram.

Monkey finds the Groundhog... or something worse!

Monday, 2nd
Groundhog's Day

Hey! Where you going, Monkey!?

He's found something, people. He says The Groundhog is under our Mega-deck.
You're a crazy ape. Sacramento doesn't have groundhogs, let alone one that's going to predict the weather Back East.

No, wait. He has found something.
Ohmygawd, Opice. That's not a groundhog; that's an E.T.!

Tuesday, 3rd

In punishment for climbing all over the stereo, we're making Monkey help our Friends in their Czech Restaurant this week. He's going to start simple (making toast) and work his way up to barkeep… maybe. We'll see how it goes.

What's taking that toast so long, Opice? Did you put bread in and remember to push down the lever?
Sigh… Looks like that orders gonna be late.

Learning to wash dishes

Wednesday, 4th

Maybe toasting is too challenging. Let's back up and start slower.

First we'll teach Monkey how to wash dishes. Every good kitchen apprentice comes up thru the ranks. Once he masters hygiene, we'll give him another try at cooking.

Monkey  loves  espresso with a lemon twist.

Thursday, 5th

Monkey loves espresso. He's a caffeine junkie and makes one helluva cupa jumpin' Joe. In fact, he says quality java needs a nice slice of lemon zest to perk-up the percolation.

We're all impressed, Opice.

Deep fat frying... eggs

Friday, 6th

Deep Fat Frying:

Monkey's favorite food group comes batter-dipped & deep-fried on a stick, e.g. corndogs, Twinkies, candy bars, ice-cream,… even tempura. So we figured he'd be a natural to help out at the fryer.

Can you guess what he's preparing? An order of fried eggs, of course.

Monkey stands before a pile of dirty pots/pans taller than he.

Saturday, 7th
A couple steps forward, a tail's length back.

After mastering the espresso machine, Monkey dumped raw eggs into the fryer. He's definitely back on K.P. duty.

But you know Opice. There's no task he can't turn inside out. And he never carries a "chimp" on his shoulder.
[Bad writer! Bad bad bad!]

Monkey shows how giant pot would make great hot-tub
Monkey in giant pot with giant spoon

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