A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 4:   8 - 14 February 2004
Monkey rides the mixer's breadhook.

Sunday, 8th

That's NOT a toy!

I wondered were he'd gone off to. Found him sitting on the mixer's breadhook waiting for a spin.

Ok, since you want to play breadmaker so badly, this week we're going to make you help out in the bakery.

C(z)ech the recipe first

Monday, 9th

Monkey picks a bread recipe from Little Prague’s extensive collection of European fare.

He wanted to make monkey bread—but that’s not a Bohemian dish. Then he insisted upon cooking breadfruit, but that would be cheating. He finally settled on Como Bread. However, the restaurant’s receipts are kept secret; therefore, there’s nothing in the cookbook he’s studying. No worries. He can’t read.

Monkey flour-bin dives with his scoop
Tuesday, 10th

Monkey flour-bin dives with his scoop to start. He’s vertically challenged in circumstances like this making for difficulties. Nevertheless, as a long time dumpster-diver, he’s up to the task.
Success! A quarter of a scoop of flour.
Even the French Judge gave him a score of 9.3!
OK! Opice goes doughboy!

Wednesday, 11th

Opice the doughboy. Rather than trying to ride the wild breadhook, Opice settles for driving the hardware mixing the dough. He’s being such a good monk, we’re worried!

From flour to dough to loaves.

Thursday, 12th

From flour to dough to loaves, Monkey fulfills the bakery’s kneads, as well as his for nonsense. He couldn’t resist turning the scales into a teeter-totter the moment the boss turned her back.

Monkey weighs himself with baker's scales.

Hiding in bed all day.

Friday, 13th
Paraskavedekatriaphobia or Triskaidekaphobia ?

He’s hiding in bed and refuses to get up. He says he’s safe there. When I ask what from, Opice snuggles deeper under the covers whimpering, “Today.”

So. Looks like today’s going to be a holiday for me!

Saturday, 14th Valentine's Day!

No need to get out of bed today, either. Monkey’s gotten loads of goodies from his special Valentine. Can you guess who that is? It’s not me. And it’s not his pal Hago who lives in the Navajo Nation.

Surely you can guess it’s… Monkey! He never forgets himself on holidays.

[Note: don’t call him Shirley.]

Monkey ensconced for Valentines Day.

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