A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 5:   15 - 21 February 2004
Monkey & Joe watch "The Gay Divorcée."
Edward Everett Horton fans.

Sunday, 15th

Of course Opice forgot Joe’s birthday yesterday/Valentines. To make up for the faux pas (that’s monkey patois for “selfish indifference”), Monkey’s treating Joe to a video. Mind you--not just any ol’ vid. No way! This is Opice’s favorite Fred & Ginger musical: “The Gay Divorcée.” He made Joe buy the DVD for them to watch.

Monkey loves Edward Everett Horton, who’s also in the show. “He’s funnier than Bill Shatner,” the ape admits in a moment’s candor before adding, “And Gay divorce? Ha-ha, go figure!”
At least it looks like Joe’s enjoying the show, too.

Monkey "airfoil sails" off the back of a car
Animation of Automotive Airfoil sailing.

Monday, 16th "Precedence Day"

Monkey heard today the banks are closed for President’s Day and then asked if he could do something special to celebrate.

Unfortunately, he has a small hearing impediment--he doesn’t listen. So it wasn’t long before he’d set yet another first, even for himself: auto airfoil sailing. Call the book of records folk!

Monkey wrench? No, rathcet with moneky attached.

Tuesday, 17th

Got Monkey wrench?
No, ratchet with ape mechanic.

Monkey took a look under Václav's hood and decided to upgrade the harddrive shaft to Windows XP. Now when Big-V turns on the windshield wipers he gets a blue-windscreen.

Wednesday, 18th
Monkey helps Dave move refrigerator... by directing Opice helps deliver a used refrigerator.

He generously volunteers to assist by giving directions as David pulls the fridge backwards. This proves exhausting in the hot California sun (even mid-winter); so Monkey climbed down and rode from the comfort of shade.

Monkey moves to shade.

Thursday, 19th

Exhausted after moving the fridge, Monkey needs a nap. What better place than with a warm pile of kittens? Everyone knows cats are a rich source of Alpha-waves.

Opice believes in New Age thingies like the power of Alpha-waves and Crystals (see 29th) and Wealth. If you’re rich enough to buy him sufficient Crystals (the Czech beer), he’ll believe anything you say without fear of remembering in the morning.

Sleeping w/Kittens to catch the Alpha-waves



Lawn Angel close encounter

Friday, 20th

Now that Monkey’s blissed-out from his literal cat nap, he’s ready for a theosophical discussion with the lawn angel.

Opice carefully picks debate partners cuz he likes to prevail. He also likes to be listened to. The best listeners (who never argue against his viewpoint) include: lawn ornaments, rocks, trees, and potted plants. Monkey also knows who won't listen to reason, e.g. politicians and the Evil Webmaster maintaining his site.

Compassionate Monkey comforts a sick friend
Opice: angel of mercy.

Saturday, 21st

Here’s a candid snap of our compassionate Monkey comforting his sick friend, Lukášý. Plush monkeys have no fear of viruses, germs, or cooties. That’s why when he heard his pal was sick, Opice sprang to his side, climbed into bed, and helped sleep the day away.
(This foto would not have to be here if Luke had paid the ransom. Monkey reminds his buddy that there’s still time to prevent copies from going to his jealous girlfriend. The negative is hidden in a place Luke-man will never find it.)

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