A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 26:  11 - 17 July 2004
Time to head home, Monkey.

Sunday, 11th

We're driving back to Ed's house when Monkey spots something unusual beside the road. He wants to know what it is. Can you guess?

It's an old sweat lodge. The rocks were heated in a fire before going inside the wood hut to make it hot.

Why's this here?

Monkey examines it closely. "No one's home. I'm going to try it.

"It's so hot today, it
doesn't need any rocks.
I'm sweating already!"

It's empty. I'm going in.
Getting better all the time.

"Ok, now what do I do?"

I explain that generally he should get better--sweat lodges are for healing.

I'm cured!

"You're right!" he declares to my surprise. (He never admits I'm right about anything.)

"I feel terrific. These things are great. Let's build one in the back yard when we get home. It'll be perfect next to the hottub."

Monday, 12th
Nazlini Overlook

Monkey always wants his picture taken with something sticking out of his head, e.g. the Eiffel Tower, a redwood tree, Sydney Opera House...

This time it's a dry wash leading off toward Black Mesa at the horizon. Click!

Ok, time to fly home to California, plush buddy.

Nazlini Overlook

Tuesday, 13th
Stop! Wait! Before we leave the Navajo Nation...

Monkey's gotta bad surprise to share. You know that beautiful view he showed you yesterday? The gorgeous open landscape? Clean blue sky with fleecy clouds floating above the far off mesa?

This is so sad Opice hardly knows how to tell you. Guess it's best to let the pictures speak the words too hard to say.

The sordid truth.

Sadly, there's more. The entire overlook point
is surrounded by trash. People use the precipice as a rubbish tip. Household garbage all the way to the bottom of the canyon including mattresses, plastic & glass bottles, tv sets, a dishwasher, car parts...

Monkey's a mischievous knave, but he's also very sensitive. Litter hurts his feelings and trashing a beautiful place like this is unbearable for him.

Yes, it is a crime, Monkey.

Wednesday, 14th

Well I'll be. There doesn't seem to be any bad situation Opice can't make happier.

He was scowling at the filth people threw over the edge when darned if he didn't find a treasure in the trash.

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy: a Blue Bird flour sack!" He quickly climbed down and grabbed it.

That made a 2-fer, by the way. Not only does Monkey get to add to his flour sack collection; but he wins points for picking up litter. What a champion chimp!

Blue Bird Flour sack
Valley Queen Flour sack

Didn't I tell you about Opice's proclivity to collect? Let me tell you now then. He collects odd stuff.

Here's a picture of the first flour sack he got. It's framed and proudly displayed in his (Central Valley) kitchen.

The infamous olive oil cans.

Thursday, 15th
Here's a bigger view of Monkey's kitchen collections. How many can you count?
1) the flour sack
2) refrigerator magnets
3) and those things on top.

What are those things? Are they...? They are! Old cans, Opice collects olive oil cans. This is about a quarter of what he's gathered over the years.

Every room in Monkey's house collects something. For example, his library collects dust.

Friday, 16th

Monkey's remote control never gets dusty. Now that he's home, he thinks it's time to catch up on all his favorite programs.

But what about the housework?
Oops. Did I say a naughty word? Good thing he hears no evil.


But we need to vacuum. There's laundry to do, lawn to mow, webpages to design, and the car needs washing.

Monkey? Hello?

He sure is good at hearing no evil.

Saturday, 17th

KRRAAAKK-Crash! RUMBLERumblerumble

What in the world?!
Something horrible must have happened by the sounds of it.

I rush from the computer room into the kitchen and cast about. Everything's okay in here, except...

Where's Monkey?! He was supposed to be in here having a banana snack.

Then I think:    Big bad noise
                    + Opice gone
           has to = MAJOR TROUBLE!

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