A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 27:  18 - 24 July 2004
I didn't do it!

Sunday, 18th

"I didn't do it," are Monkey's first words to me, not that I need convincing.

The source of the crash was a massive piece of the elm tree breaking off.

Soooooo lucky no one was hurt and no car was smashed. There's almost always one parked there.

Monkey's worried. "I heard the crash and ran outside to see. Is the tree going to be okay?"

The limb that crashed


The breaking point

Monday, 19th

Monkey awaits the city tree crew. The street is buried, the driveway blocked, and the euryops split in half.

We're told an arborist will come and examine the tree next week. Opice doesn't need a degree in botany to know the euryops bush is a goner, tho.

Tuesday, 20th

After the shock and sadness of the big crash comes the excitement of cleaning up.

Opice finds the process very entertaining. He gets so excited, he even helps work!!!

Opice pitches in in the clean-up.

Chainsaws, noise, wood chipper, noise, men yelling directions at one another over the noise...

Monkey feels the power. He has to be part of the action!

To see more of the clean-up, click the picture.
(200k file)

Motorcycle Monkey!

Wednesday, 21st

Yup, noise is one of Monkey's favorite sounds.

After the tree crew left and quiet returned to Opice's block, it was time to rev up neighbor Dave's motorcycle!

Dave!!!   Monkey's on your Harley!!!

Ride, Monkey, ride!

Thursday, 22nd

Monkey's face tells it all; he dreams of hitting the open road.

Alas, he can't reach the peddles. Heck, he can't even reach the seat!

Dave makes Monkey wear a helmet.

Friday, 23rd

Dave grabs Opice and plops a helmet on his head. "You don't ride a bike, let alone a cycle, without proper headgear."

Now Monkey's sitting tall in the saddle. Or would you believe still siting on the gas tank but 5" taller?

Now he's ready to roll!

Saturday, 24th

Ok, Monkey's not going anywhere on neighbor Dave's Harley. But even a plush fellow can dream, can't he?

Dreams of hitting the road

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