A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 25:  4 - 10 July 2004
Cactus, Petroglyphs, & 3-Turkey "Ruin"

Cactus with brilliant red flowers.

Sunday, 4th-of-July burst of color!

Cactus flowers are brilliant, aren't they? And we all know how much Monkey loves flowers, don't we? Oh, dear, there's gonna be trouble, isn't there?

Monkey can't resist stopping to smell (and pick) beautiful flowers, even if they're protected by thorns. Remember his misadventure with the lemon tree?

If you wanna see what happened when my back was turned, click the cactus. (111k file)

Overhang protecting petroglyphs.

Monday, 5th

The cactus that bit Monkey is in front of this overhang, as is our guide, Ranger Ed. That's him standing right next to Opice.

If you're having troubles spotting them, it's because Monkey is wide-shot challenged -- not that he'll admit it.

Anyway, Opice's here to see the petroglyphs and he's already spotted some!

Tuesday, 6th
Space aliens!

Lots of 'em. Monkey's spotted their leader. See the E.T. wearing a helmet? It's got one big eye! And all that electricity emanating from the fingertips...? This is a major find.

Wait till Opice prints the news in the National Check-out-Line NewsRag.

Some people call this type of rock-art "ladder man," but Opice sees it for what it really is: "the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (a mindboggingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can't see it, it can't see you - daft as a bush, but very ravenous)"!

It's puffed-up, standing in attack position. Don't Panic! Since you can't see it like Monkey can, it thinks it can't see you.

Monkey shows us a possible scorpion.
Monkey's uncertain what this one is meant to represent.
Could it be a dragon? A two headed giraffe? Apatosaurus?

He dismisses my suggestion of a scorpion as ridiculous.

Above Monkey quotes his favorite sci-fi book: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.  

Wednesday, 7th

One last groovy thing before we visit Three Turkey Ruin Navajo Tribal Park. Monkey wants to know why these notches were ground into the sandstone.

Ranger Ed doesn't know, "No one does for certain. Perhaps to sharpen adzs."

Monkey gets confused. "What did they have to advertise?"

"I think you misheard me," Ed politely corrects. "I meant 'adz' like an ax or similar stone tool."

"Now I get it!" Opice chuckles at his misunderstanding. "Anasazi ads, as if. They didn't even have tv to put commercials on!"

Groovy, but why?
Who tore a corner off this digital picture? Monkey blames the sun.

3 Turkey Ruin & Canyon
Cursor over the picture to zoom down toward the ruins.

Thursday, 8th
Three Turkey House

Monkey peers down into Three Turkey Canyon at the cliff dwellings. (Move mouse over picture to see them better.)

It's over 300 feet down to the bottom of the canyon from here. Opice doesn't like drop-offs like this, least of all when the wind's gusting. See him holding his hat? Don't loose your traveling hat, Monkey.

Monkey saw some tiny ruins in Nazlini Wash, but the ancient Three Turkey structures are so well preserved, they're hardly ruined at all. He can't wait to hike down for a closer look. Let's go!

Friday, 9th

We're nearly there!

It was a long walk for a little monkey, but well worth it. The rock niche ahead looks like we might have found it. Opice climbs a juniper tree and there it is: the 800-1000 years old cliff dwelling town.

"It's amazing!" he declares coming back down to lead the way along the creekbed. "And there's water ahead!"

Monkey's right being amazed. The arid canyon has been dry until now. As we approach the ancient buildings, water appears on the canyon floor. Year round water would provide a perfect place for Hisatsinom (a.k.a. Anasazi) to live.

You could read more about this place in Dave Bohn & Stephen Jetl's "House of Three Turkeys: Anasazi Redoubt."

Monkey climbs a tree and spots the ruin!
Centered in the picture below are the 3 painted "birds" which named the structure.
Do you see the 3 birds?

Saturday, 10th

"What was that?" Opice asks sitting atop a pile of rubble enjoying the overhang's shade.

"Where ya goin'?" he asks watching me grab my daypack and scurry away from the cliff as fast as I can over the accumulated debris.

"Wait for me!" he shouts running.

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