A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 21:  6 - 12 June 2004
This morning, Monkey leaves for Ganado (Arizona) in the Navajo Nation. If you'd like to see more
of Santa Fe's art before he leaves. Click here to tour his secret, off-the-record art show.

America's half-way point, sorta.

Sunday, 6th

Monkey tests the sign's claim.
Draining toward which sea?
"This truly must be middle-America." he speculates. "See how the water goes straight down to China?"
[Not! The "watershed" Divide is an imaginary line meandering north-south the length of the continent. It is far west of the hemisphere's geographic center.]

The nix of Route 66.

Monday, 7th

"Take my picture on Route 66 before we run out of route,"
Opice urges.

"I can see Arizona already! But how can we get there?"

Get a load of those buena vistas!
Vistas of bueno vastness.

Ta-Da! You are here!

Tuesday, 8th

Welcome to Ganado and Monkey's favorite National Historic Site!
(at the moment).

Visit the park's official site.

Let's go into the park!
Urban Monkey forgot how to reconnoiter a country cattle-guard.

Wednesday, 9th

Follow me! Hurry up! This is gonna be so cool! Wait until you meet all my friends and we...

uuf - ouch!

J. L. Hubbell's Trading Post

Thursday, 10th

This park is John Lorenzo Hubbell's actual trading post. It's still trading and still providing free parking since 1878.

No stranger this Ranger! Friday, 11th

Meet Ranger Ed, Monkey's unofficial host.

"Howdy, everyone. It's my job to protect the park while Monkey's here.

"If anyone catches him doing something he shouldn't be doing, or going someplace he shouldn't be going, or touching something he shouldn't be touching, or climbing on something he shouldn't be climbing on, or ... umm....

"Let me put this more simply. It's our job to watch that ape 24/7! We must never let him out of our sight. Speaking of which, where is he?"

Within moments Hagoh's guest smells like an old fish.
Did someone say "treats"?!

Saturday, 12th

Hagoh is Opice's official host.

Here the two sit on Hagoh's sleeping-fish futon while reminiscing about old times. But Monkey keeps saying he doesn't remember things the way his host does.

"That wasn't me." "I don't think so." "You must be thinking of someone else." "No I didn't." "Wrong." "Yeah but, I can explain that..."

After a short while the two stop talking to one another.

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