A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 17:  9 - 17 May 2004
Read Monkey's shocking-pink tabloid confession.
Barrel full of Monkey troubles.

Sunday, 9th Mother's Day

Monkey climbed up into the beer barrel hanging over the bar so he could watch Václav and Chris talk. The boss kept nodding as the waiter explained what happened. Opice couldn't hear but feared this meant trouble--a barrel of troubles. He got very worried when the two men shook hands at the end of their tête-à-tête.

"Opice," the boss curled his finger gesturing come here, "Pojd'me!" [Oh, dear. V's talking Czech. I'll bet Monkey wants his máma.]

Sent to work in the back.

Monday, 10th The Punishment

"No more working out front, Opice." Monkey's lucky he's part of the family or he'd have been fired. "You can finish the week helping in the bakery. This is your last chance."

Baking baking baking

Tuesday, 11th

Monkey's young and needs the money for his airplane ticket to the American Indian Reservation. He's really trying to be good. Even Chris comes back to check-in on him cuz Chris is a good guy and even dedicated a song to Monkey on his radio program by way of apologizing for their little spat.

But some of the waiter-cum-DJ's music scares Opice. For example here's a clip from the song Chris played for Opice: MonkeyVersusRobot. (77k mp3 file)

Bottomless pot of potatoes.

Wednesday, 12th Monkey has had it!

Enough already! Opice can't face another potato. Besides, he's made enough money to pay for his trip so, like many of the college kids who work at the restaurant a day or two then disappear, he lacks a clear understanding of what "job" means long-term.

This job's a slam-dunk!

Thursday, 13th

Opice considers his employment experience a slam dunk and to show everyone he means it, he leaps up onto the toy basketball hoop Václav keeps in a corner of the restaurant.

Czechs are big on b'ball, perhaps in part because they're tall--on average the tallest folk in Europe.

"Hey!" Monkey suddenly remembers. "In the European Union! Wow. How cool is that? I nearly forgot. I wonder if Václav could pay me in Euros?"

Manual typewriting website.
Monkey manually types his website.

Friday, 14th Webmaster Monkey

A number* of people have asked, "How does Monkey make his website?" Well he doesn't anymore. He used to, first the old fashion way with paper and pencil. Then he upgraded to using a manual typewriter to code the html language. Finally he began using me--his webslave. So now you know.

*The number is imaginary (Monkey's favorite kind). If you multiply it times itself you get the answer -0.

Saturday, 15th
Yát é, everyone! I'm off to Ganado!

Monkey poses before a cactus in his Aussie Akubra to get him in the hiking mood for the canyonlands near Ganado & Nazlini. Wait until you see what he does with his Navajo and Hopi friends over the next few weeks!

Yát é is Cz-phonetics for the Navajo greeting "Good morning."

Cactus & Akubra

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