A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.
Week 19:  23-29 May 2004

Sunday, 23rd
Santa Fe Overlook

This is a city of public art, museums and art galleries. Opice is immediately reminded of his beloved Prague, Czech Republic.

"They could be sister cities," he insists.


Click picture to see some of the towering art Santa Fe deserves to be recognized for.

Santa Fe skyline Vs. Prague's.

Capitol of New Mexico

Monday, 24th


This sculpture of 4 kids playing tug-o-war is in front of New Mexico's capitol building [note Great Seal of state].

Monkey loves kids, especially this kind. The bronze held immediate appeal for him. He loves it when people make a fuss over him, &/or cradle him, &/or fete him, & best of all, all of the above all at the same time.

He jumped into their arms and settled back for the ride.

Hotel & Loretto Chapel owned by hotel.
Monkey climbs a parking meter for better view.
If it's worth seeing, it's worth peeping.

Tuesday, 25th

This is the Loretto Chapel owned by the hotel beside it. Britney Spears could probably get married in the church on time to be back in the honeymoon suite before her divorce takes affect.

Nothing gets Monkey's attention like a wall he can't see over. I don't know what he saw peeping over the gate, but he turned quite pink when I asked him to tell me. [Who knew plush fur could do that?]

Wednesday, 26th

Opice's odyssey to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

O'Keeffee Museum "Moments in Time" foto exhibit

Monkey discovers an exciting museum feature.
Detail of Monkey's exciting museum discovery: a hole!
Fascinating Museum hole.

Tabitha administers the Kiss of O'Keeffe

Thursday, 27th  The Kiss of O'Keeffe

"Smmmmmack!" Tabitha gives Monkey what he loves best--affection. Opice explains it was love at first sight. "I'm just so loveable. Her friends were instantly jealous so I had to hug them all.

"Tabitha turned out to be the second best part of my visit to the museum. The best thing was, of course, seeing Georgia O'Keeffe's beautiful wall-hole.

"Anyway, I think Tabitha and I have started a new tradition in front of that gallery. Whenever you're there, give me a big kiss."

Museum fatigue.

Friday, 28th

Museum overload at the Institute of American Indian Arts.

"Wow!" Opice exclaims after getting museumed-out. "I had no idea Native American Arts included painting on skateboards and sewing magazine clippings into a dress.

"These Indigenous artists are so cutting-edge, I didn't have to leave California to avoid what they create."

Saturday, 29th
Santa Fe's woodsplitting artisans.

Monkey found these hard working artists just off Canyon Road and salutes their contribution to woodcarving.

"The best performance art in Santa Fe!" Monkey declared. "And I helped."

Woodsplitters or moundbuilders?
Click to see close-up of Monkey's labor contribution.

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