A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 41:  24 - 30 Oct. 2004


Sunday, 24th

A customer comes in asking where the movies are. Monkey shows her the fine collection of empty DVD boxes next to the audio cassettes. The shopper tells him she does not have a DVD player. Monkey nearly told her to go buy one then come back--but didn't. [Amazing.]

Instead he says, "Then let me 'splain to you where we keep the VHS tapes." He leads her past the Sci-Fi, Humor, Action, and Music Videos, to the Musicals. This seems to be exactly what she was looking for.

"How did you know?" Denis asks.

"They have the same kind of hair, naturally."

Natural blond, err, redhead.

Monday, 25th

To prove how the right music can clinch the sale, Monkey grabs a 45 rpm record to play for the videotape shopper. Except...

Why won't the record go in the player? The holes are the same size, but the non-hole part of the 45 is to big for the player's drawer.

"I've heard of these!" Opice suddenly laughs. "This isn't a 45 record player, this must be one of those 78 rpm jobs."

Can't get it into the drawer.
Loading the demo record.

Tuesday, 26th

Denis takes the 45 rpm record's pieces out of the CD player and pops in some classic rock-n-roll. The King! Opice leaps from display case to display doing his Elvis impersonation.

1, 2, 3

Denis cranks up the volume as everyone rocks-out to the music: Viva Las Vegas! It sure is fun working in a record shop.

Monkey does Elvis

Wednesday, 27th

Denis pumps up more 'n 'more sound until it hurts Monkey's ears.

"Turn it down," Opice yells. "Unplug it! Go acoustical!" But Denis can't hear him.

Out of desperation Monkey switches to International Sign Language.

Turn down the volume!

Sneaking a peek.

Thursday, 28th

Things calm down as the shop owner takes people's money up front.

Opice wonders what's in the back room. He was told he was absolutely NOT supposed to go in there.

Why can't people understand that is the worst thing to tell Monkey. "Don't go in..." "Stay out of..." "No peeking!" It all creates too much temptation.

Not so interesting, or is it?

Friday, 29th

Monkey examines the stuff. Stacks and stacks and STACKS of stuff in the back room. But he doesn't see anything that he shouldn't see. "Why can't I be in here?" he wonders.

He turns around in a circle hoping to find what he's not supposed to. Nothing. Everything is just like out front only better organized. He's about to give up when--

Ah-ha. Here's something interesting.
Ahhh, there's a poster hidden in the back. That must be the good thing for a bad monkey to get to.

Saturday, 30th

It was hard to get to, which made getting to it even tastier.

Seth Green! A movie poster with Seth Green on it. This is a treasure. No wonder Denis was hiding it. The film hasn't even made cable yet.

"Wow! Seth Green. He played Oz on Buffey the Vampire Slayer. Too cool." Sigh.

"Vampires? Hey! Tomorrow is Halloween! I'll be back Monday," Opice shouts suddenly leaving the store. He almost forgot to get a costume!

[Note: Monkey looks up to Seth, tho poster may be life size.]

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