A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 45:  21 - 27 Nov. 2004

Sunday, 21st

Why isn't Monkey helping Steve & David work out the lawn reindeer's back-end problem?

Is Opice still angry that Halloween came & went and none of his neigbhors had an Xmas tree up yet?

What does Monkey see? What is Monkey doing?

Steve & David install the lawndeer.

Monday, 22nd

He's feeding the reindeer! What a good Monkey he is.

He knows "tis the season" to be giving gifts, doesn't he? He knows he has to be good* for the next 4 weeks so people will give him presents.

Therefore he supersized the plastic deer's supper.

Do you think it's a bucket of extra-crispy or original recipe lawn ornament chow?
*good to Opice means nezbedník in Czech which means "cheeky little rascal or monkey."

Supersized supper.

Tuesday, 23rd

Ride 'em Cowboy.
Ride 'em DeerMonkey?
Ride 'em plastic fantastic jockey?

A plush monkey on a fake reindeer on a California lawn which ain't never seen no snow... And yet, Monkey sings, It's beginning to look a lot like "Chistmas."

"Chistmas?" Yes, but that's another story for another day. [Stay tuned]

Giddyup, deary!

Wednesday, 24th

Opice clings to the lawn ornament as it swings into action, bucking and bouncing and mostly blinking its lights and moving its head back and forth.

"Okay Steve," Monkey calls. "You can turn it off now! Steve? It works. Stop testing it. Unplug the lights. Somebody, anybody help!"

The deer begins to buck!

Should Turkey worry?But I thought the dinner invitation meant...

Thursday, 25th

Monkey invited his gobbling good friend over for TurkeyDay. Gobbler asked if she could bring her friends and their friends and their friends' friends and soon there was 13 dinner guests to cook for.

Naturally, Opice cooked a traditional meal in honor of his feathery friends.

The meal included: goobers and monkey-bread appetizers followed by corndogs/hotdogs/and more of the wurst [non-meat eaters had sea cucumber] served with chowchow and hushpuppies and lots of ketchup, redeye gravy over cellophane & (broken) glass noodles, sloppy Joe à la yuca, a side dish of black fungus & tree ears, and for dessert--ugli fruit sliced over shoofly & grasshopper pies. Yummers!
(if you're a plush turkey, that is.)

Gobbler Turkey looks up to Monkey.

Friday, 26th

Monkey did like most folk do after eating a big Thanksgiving dinner, he went for a walk in the park with his avian friends.

Except Opice prefers to ride. [Remember how he even tried riding Steve's mechanical lawn deer on Wednesday?]

Monkey says, "Walking's for the birds."

To help the bird flip the monkey,
roll your mouse over the foto.

Post Thanxgiving

Saturday, 27th
Cold snap!!!!

This can't be right! A frost warning?
In November? It never gets that cold at Monkey's house until maybe January!

Just in case... Monkey wraps his Bird-of-Paradise which is about to flower. He moves potted plants into the greenhouse and his most sensitive gingers into the house proper.

"What about my bananas?!" he whines. Sadly, there's nothing Opice can do to protect the 30' tall 'nanners. They're on their own tonight.

Snuggling up the Bird-of-Paradise.

The morning after.

The next morning he goes out to survey the frost on the deck. He sees his breath in the air! It makes him crazy!

"I am not a Snow monkey-ey!" he chilly chatters. "I am not a Rhesus-sus from Ne-Nepal-pal-pal, neether."

It's so cold he can't even continue complaining. At last he remembers what his cousins in Japan do in winter. "Quick! Everyone into the hot tub!"

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