A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 38:  3 - 9 Oct. 2004


Sunday, 3rd

think about what a great job Monkey is doing.

We're doing a great job, Václav.

What's under there?

Monday, 4th

STEP 5?!
Oops, that didn't fix the problem. Time to look underneath and see if the fuel filter is causing trouble.

Opice offers to siphon the gas. Václav wants to know why Monkey knows how to do that "trick."

Vaclav looks under car.

Tuesday, 5th

As Václav removes the old fuel filter, Opice reads the directions on the new one and opens the package for his "grease monkey" pal.

(Václav threatens to grease Monkey if he calls him grease monkey one more time!)

It's a nice clean Fuel Filter.

Monkey finds the problem.

Wednesday, 6th

"I found the problem! I found the problem!"
Opice tells Václav who went to get another tool.

"The car got a tire stuck underneath it!"

Thursday, 7th

ERROR: 289FKE94I-U47764432IOJFDSJLD-04P43

Your Monkey has committed an illegal operation, a Protection Fault, and several System Errors (unbuffered).

Complimentary BlueScreen-of-Death.


Ripping open the computer!

Friday, 8th

Do bad things really happen in threes? The hailstorm broke Opice's shade cloth; then his car got a bad case of hiccups (removing the spare tire has not fixed it). And yesterday something trashed Monkey's computer.

KIDS: do not let your parents monkey with your computer! Consult a professional Geek when you have technical problems.

Or... call Cyber Chimp!

Cool!  Wires 'n Stuff!

Saturday, 9th

One quick look and Monkey realizes he has to get the computer on its side. He pushes it over [OUCH!] and climbs in.

I hope he remembered to turn it off first.

A closer look.

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