A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 39:  10 - 16 Oct. 2004


Sunday, 10th

Monkey checks for a loose cable. Lots of times that's the problem. This one feels nice and loose.

Checking cables.

A game of compu-cat & Monk.

Monday, 11th
(Canada Thanksgiving)

A-ha, computer bug!

But Monkey doesn't see it. Help him get a closer look by moving your mouse cursor onto the picture.

"Oh (gobble-gobble) Canada..."
Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Opice sends a Happy Gobble-Gobble to all his friends Up North.

Tuesday, 12th

Opice lunges to catch the evil Y2K bug--and misses!

Caught in the Cable

The Bug tasks the ape.

Wednesday, 13th

What a tricky Bug! Look at how he teases Monkey. Every time Opice thinks he's got him, the Y2K Bug reinstalls itself!

Thursday, 14th

"Never underestimate the power of a schnook," says Monkey, tho he doesn't know whom he's quoting [Boris Bad-Enough].

I wonder how long that bug has been in Monkey's computer. You don't think it's been in there lurking about since 1999, do you?

(The Bug says, "Let's party like it's 2000!")

Monkey wins!

Friday, 15th

While inside, Opice decides to clean the drives. He's about to put the cover back on when he discovers he doesn't know where this cable goes and seems to have found an extra drive left-over.

"Oh well," he'll put it back together as is. They're probably redundant bits, that's all.

Where's this go?

Saturday, 16th

With the computer put back together, Monkey decides to visit his favorite pre-used shop, Esoteric Records, which sells CDs, DVDs, Tapes, Videos, and giant, black vinyl CDs called records.

He's going inside. We'd better follow before he gets in trouble.

Esoteric certified pre-loved goodies.

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