A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 37:  Sep. 26 - 2 Oct. 2004


Sunday, 26th

Opice nestled himself in the shade cloth and refused to come down, refused to go up and finish checking for problems, and most of all, refused to do anything.

I think we have a standoff. Now what?

"I'm not coming down!"

Giant banana blossom becons Opice.

Monday, 27th

Banana to the Rescue!

Monkey, look! There's a flower on your banana plant. He climbs down from the awning and rushes to see.

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, bananas!" he chatters. Then speculates, "Should I flambé them or make splits or dip them in chocolate syrup and peanut-butter or...?"

Sadly, it's much too late in the year for this bud to produce fruit, but DO NOT TELL MONKEY! Let him enjoy his dream.

Tuesday, 28th

Opice spots something hanging from the tree beside the 'nanners. He spies 3 avocados:
               1 black & almost ripe,
               1 green & gorgeous,
               and 1...

"I think it's a pickle," he giggles.

OMG! (Oh Monkey Goodness!), avocados

Red flying orbs, apples, or Xmas ornaments?

Wednesday, 29th

Is Monkey dreaming? He sees red orbs floating in the sky, sorta.

Can you guess what fruit he grows here? Clues: he's sitting in a tree, they're red outside and in, they ripen in October, and he has to wear clothes when eating them because their juice stains his fur like ink!

Give up? Pomegranates! [And no, he can't spell it.]

Thursday, 30th

There's an expression Monkey doesn't understand: "It never rains but it pours." Last week's rain/hail storm damaged the shade cloth and now Monkey's car is sick. He takes the car to his Friend, Václav, who can fix anything.

It will take 4 steps to fix the automobile:
find a comfortable place to sit watching.

Car problems!

1 October, Friday

carefully hold the screwdrivers; ask a lot of questions; and make a lot of unnecessary suggestions.

Monkey holds the tools

"There's the problem, Václav!"

Saturday, 2nd

move around to better see the part Václav can't get out.

Give him a quick hug after the part suddenly lets go and Václav yells "Ouch!" in Czech, (I think).

Monkey thanx Václav with a quick hug.

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