A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 40:  17 - 23 Oct. 2004

Contemplating zuzzing things up.

Sunday, 17th

Take a look.
Look long and carefully, like Monkey is doing. In the next few days Opice is going to reorganize Denis's Esoteric stock and revitalize his Esoteric business.

Didn't anyone warn Denis?

Monkey has come up with some "great" ideas. Only time will tell if his record shop project contains any.

"Look what I did for Black & White Photo!" our simian friend boasts.

1) Rotate stock so customers are always surprised where things have moved to.
2) Put Monkey's favorites in front. (No one cares about hip-hop, new movies, The Beatles & modern bands played free on the radio all day.)
3) decorate & create an ambiance. Only play music buyers want to hear--not what clerks or "shoppers" like.
4) put dust on Classic Recordings so people will know which are Oldies and which are Rolling Stones.*
5) fix the bookkeeping.

*gathers no moss/dust. If he has to explain them to you...

Surveying all he's about to make cool.

Learning the categories.

Monday, 18th

Denis begins by showing Monkey the basic categories.

"These records are filed as Comedy & Streisand. They include Steve Martin, Bill Cosby, Weird Al Yankovic and Barbra, of course."

Opice asks, "What about Bette Midler?"

"What are you crazy?! Her stuff is in the Hawaiian Vamps bin."

Tuesday, 19th

"I know what to do!" Monkey jumps up and begins sorting records despite Denis not having finished teaching him.

"I love this guy! I'll put him in the Girls' Groups CDs up front where people can see him when they walk in."


may contain 92k surprise=>

Filing his first album.

The beloved Judy Collins

Wednesday, 20th

After displaying Rick Astley with the girls, Monkey sees both sides now of the isle and rushes to sort the Folk artists.

Can you guess who his most loved female folksinger is? Move the mouse over the foto to find out, or read the answer below.

Dolly Parton

Thursday, 21st

Gushing with inspiration, Opice grabs a never opened Ricky Nelson LP and, after tearing off the annoying plastic wrap, nails it up on the wall where customers can see it.

Who knew vinyl was so hard to nail thru?

may contain 92k surprise=>

Well, hello, Mary Lou!

Heavy Metal work

Friday, 22nd

Denis wants to know why Monkey needs the hand cart.

"I found a heavy metal album I need to move. Duh!?"

That's it? Just one?

Saturday, 23rd

A buyer wants to check out. Opice runs to help.

"Wait a minute?!" he demands. "Are you only going to buy one record? This is a 2-for-a-$1 record. I can't break up a set for you."

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