A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 35:  12 - 18 September 2004


Sunday, 12th

Monkey welcomes guests to his neighbors' restaurant: Thai Basil (Midtown Cafe). Whenever he needs quick cash he bother's his friends for a job. If only he'd get a career.

What? You say you don't see Opice? Maybe you need to point him out with your mouse cursor.

Monkey welcomes guests into Restaurant

Monday, 13th

"Would you like to sit on the patio? Let me show you the patio. See the baby bananas? Those are my bananas. I grew them and gave them to Suleka for the restaurant. They're mine. I gave them to her."

Here's my banana
Here's the fountain

"And over here is the fountain. There is water in the fountain and fish in the water. But they don't go over the fountain. I would, but the goldfish don't. They don't know how to have fun; but I do.

"Suleka told me the musician sculpture in the bamboo is kinduv like a Thai Muse [Euterpe]. I dunno. I think the fish are more amusing."

Tuesday, 14th

Monkey is told to feed the fish. Instead, he gets distracted trying to count them when they won't stay still.

"1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, gold fish. No, wait! They moved. Was that right? 1 fish, 2 fish, where'd 3 fish go? Is it under the plant? Come out and stand still, you fish!"

Monkey is supposed to feed the fish.

Offering a ceramic bamboo mug

Wednesday, 15th

After too much fish frustration, Monkey switches jobs. He decides to help serve beverages. He likes this ceramic bamboo mug. He wonders what he might put inside it.

"I could put chocolate milk in it, and then put in a scoop of coconut ice cream and a frozen banana--like a swizzle stick! And then a sprinkle of chopped peanuts, and then I'll spray whipped cream on the banana and stick an umbrella in the whipped cream to make it look fancy."

I ask him if he'd call it a float or a shake?

He thinks hard before answering, "Monkey's Ultra Super Special Choco-Coconut Banana & Peanuts Thai Milk Shake Float with Whipped Cream."

Yup, sounds like a Monkey title to me.

Monkey's Ultra Super Special Choco-Coconut Banana & Peanuts Thai Milk Shake Float with Whipped Cream

Simplified recipe
serves 2 kids or 1 Opice

Dump into a blender:
1 c. chocolate milk
3 - 4 scoops coconut ice cream
1 large banana
¼ - ½ c. peanuts.
Blend until mixed but peanuts are still "chunky."

Pour mixture into 2 glasses.
Top each with whipped cream.
Forget about the funny umbrella.

Put a canned lychee or maraschino cherry on top.

What's inside the rice warmer?

Thursday, 16th

The restaurant's cook got angry when Monkey started making up his own beverages and handing out recipes. Opice got demoted to junior assistant rice server (second class).

Here he is looking into the big rice warmer. Why? Because he dropped the serving paddle down inside and he can't reach it. Now he doesn't know what to do.

Can anyone help him? Should he:

ask another server to reach it?
climb in and get it?
close the lid and pretend everything's ok?
take a break?

Friday, 17th

Opice says yesterday's vote was decisive. [Or did he say wrong? Likely both are true depending on whom you ask.] He's decided to take a lunch break.

However, something's making him nervous. He can't eat because he feels like he's being stared at from behind his back. What do you think might be making him feel uncomfortable? Cursor pix & find out.

Something's making Monkey nervous.

Saturday, 18th

At last!
A job Opice can do!

Our pal's been relegated to handing out Thai Basil's to-go menus.

"Would you like a take-away menu?" he asks customers.

"Could I offer you one of our menus to take home?"

"Please help yourself to a to-go menu."

"Hey! These are free! What's the matter with you people?"

If only he could be calm like the golden helper next to him.

2go Menus to Go.

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