A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Week 36:  19 - 25 September 2004


Sunday, 19th

Monkey leapt from the kitchen table when he heard the thunder followed by a loud rumbling sound on the deck. He opened the door and shouted to us excitedly, "It's snowing! Look at all the snow! Let's make snowcones!"

Lightning seldom comes with snow and snowflakes fall even more rarely here. That's hail! And that's much too much hail!

It's snowing!
Opice thinks he sees snow. No. He sees trouble!

Storm's aftermath.

Monday, 20th

As quickly as the storm came, it left. And it left a mess! Monkey's beautiful plants were pummeled, their leaves shredded. The storm dumped 1.92" of rain (6 times normal for the "rain-year" to date and twice the average that comes in Sep. + Oct. combined).

This "snow drift" fell from the shade awning that USED to be above the deck. We have big repairs to do. But first Monkey must shovel the hail away. Now it's not so much fun, is it Opice?

It's work, isn't it?

Before the big, bad storm, this was supposed to be:
Odds 'n Ends catch-up week.
We rejoin Monkey's miscellaneous experiences that happened earlier but didn't get shared yet.

Monkey shows Mouse how to blend it.

Tuesday, 21st
Early experimentation and recipe development.

Opice restrains Whitney Mouse from becoming too excited as they perfect the Choco-Coconut Banana & Peanuts Thai Milk Shake Float (version 1.0).

Right: about to punch the button.

"Blend you banana! Blend!"
What's yellow outside, white inside, and spins at 500 mph (804.7kph)?

Water Truck & thirsty trees.
Wednesday, 22nd
The proverbial Monkey on back.
Crew leader Larry Curtis, Jr.
endures Monkey's help.

Hubbell's Wash Crew is in charge of watering the young trees they plant. They also have to keep
the non-native, "invasive" plants (like Russian thistle or saltcedar) from growing. Those are plants
which invade like weeds where they don't belong. Monkey hates bad plants. Bananas are never bad.
He wonders why people don't plant them on he Navajo Reservation. Imagine bananas spreading like
tumbleweeds across the desert, spreading joy everywhere as they take over and push out all the
native species. And then the Wash Crew would have both job security & fresh bananas to eat!

Leander & son, Austin.
Leander & Son. Austin's look tells you he does not believe Monkey is a true Navajo.

Thursday, 23rd

Babies either ignore or stare unbelieving at Opice. In return, he is either scared by their scrutiny or amused at their insightful disinterest.



Yolanda & Ben's baby, Grace. She's a wise child. She saw Monkey's "WARNING" label and refused to wake up and talk to him.

Friday, 24th

Whatever happened to the Black & White Photo Lab's wonderful sign? Monkey knows. He helped move it to its new location across the street at The Rest Stop Bike Stuff.

Black & White Foto Lab Sign reincarnated.
Click above to watch B&W Foto sign move to its newly erected home. (150k file)

Out with the old sign; over to the new!

Monkey's worried about the shade cloth.

Saturday, 25th

The weekend means it's time to start fixing the "snow storm" damage.

Opice gets sent up to study how we should do the work. He got this far and paniced.

"Did you say 'work?'!"

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