A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Opice's 2004 Foto Journal for Chinese Year of the Monkey 4701

Synopsis of Significant Simian Events
week 11:   28th - 3rd Steals last cookie, Carmen Miranda!, movie & soundtrack The Gang's All Here,
Ape Fools Day, shows where he's been & where he's going [geographically]
week 12:   4th - 10th 404 Day!, learns to climb at RockNasium, clears up confusion: "I am not Opus!"  
week 13:   11th - 17th Easter & hates peeps, Citrus Blossom Time in Monkey's town, conducts garden tour includes plastic garden, faces Ides of Taxes singing "Tiptoe thru tulips," chills on ice plant  
week 14:   18th - 24th Flower arranging, Hago's Birthday, Earth Day, cleaning up English langugage--or ranting about its spelling, at least.  
week 15:   25th - 1st Gorilla Foto-Op Art of neon signs, Tower Records reminiscences, Banana Arbor Day, Czech Rep. joins E.U.!, danger: May Day--Monkey nearly appologizes for not saying "thank you"!  
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