A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Opice's 2004 Foto Journal for Chinese Year of the Monkey 4701

Synopsis of Significant Simian Events
week 29:   1st - 7th Václav's on 2nd / David's Bday on 6th, fave food game, Good King Wenceslas' Castle Karlstein, artichoke pricks, wok cooking (a.k.a. pizza order), David's birthday cake, Webslave breakfast meeting. 200 Day of Monkey's year!  
week 30:   8th - 14th National Navajo Code Talkers Day, computer room, secret hideout, Václav's bananas/swimming pool/TV antenna/and bananas, won't go home, Curious George issues, Window Rock, Windtalkers film.  
week 31:   15th - 21st  Tabatha the Corpse Flower blooms & stinks, explores UCDavis carnivorous plants and Chocolate Tree, helps move B&W Foto Lab stuff & set up for their "yard sale."  
week 32:   22nd - 28th Returns to Navajo Nation (Ganado, AZ) for Hubbell Trading Post's Native American Arts & Crafts Auction, sets-up/operates computers, explains auciton, shows what kind of art is sold, demonstrates Navajo rug sleepability.  
week 33:
Aug 29 - 4 Sept.
Imaginary 5¢ Lemonade stand, "Opice-lympics," Synchronized Swiming Singles Division, victor's dance, Diving: water & dumpster, Spot Monkey Game.  
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