A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Opice's 2004 Foto Journal for Chinese Year of the Monkey 4701

Synopsis of Significant Simian Events
week 42:   Oct. 31 - 6 Nov. Halloween game, finishes fixing Esoteric Records, gets pushed out the door. Monkey goes fish spotting at Nimbus Fish Hatchery.  
week 43:  7th - 13th The alleged fish "ladder," never step on spawning salmon, if fish were great ape size and Monkey minnow sized, & fish spotting. Short feature: "Attack of the Killer Chinook" or "When the Ranger Sides with the Fish it's Time to Move On."  
week 44:  14th - 20th Lavinia Waterhouse remembered, fish tales told, day 300 of Monkey's year, introducing Whitney Mouse, "We're Not in Kansas, Are We?" trivia game, the car is dead (bereaved ape behind the wheel!).  
week 45:  21st - 27th Begriming to look like xmas, plastic reindeer ride, Thanksgiving (turkey surprise), "walking" with ostriches, COLD SNAP!, the evils of frost, Monkey's no Rhesus.  
week 46:  Nov. 28 - 4 Dec. Cold continues bananas wither, Dr. Larry wants you (the dentist summons), fun with dentistry, got x-rays? In search of the wisdom tooth. Another expensive expense befalls the family! Helping install the new central heat & air-conditioning.  
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