A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Opice's 2004 Foto Journal for Chinese Year of the Monkey 4701

Synopsis of Significant Simian Events
week 46: Nov. 28 - 4 Dec. Cold continues bananas wither, Dr. Larry wants you (the dentist summons), fun with dentistry, got x-rays? In search of the wisdom tooth. Another expensive expense befalls the family! Helping install the new central heat & air-conditioning.  
week 47:  5th - 11th New heat & a/c install continues as Monkey helps slow process, Monkey finds Steve's cellphone--does he keep it? Opice begins a nerdy Star Trek arts-n-crafts project: How2 turn a floppy disk into a starship.  
week 48:  12th - 18th How2 turn a floppy disk into the Starship USS Enterprise--complete instructions.  
week 49:  19th - 25th Xmas tree decorating, traditional "Merry Chistmas" greeting, prezzie opening, the monkey's paw problem.  
week50: Dec. 26 - 1 Jan. The Holidays end with Opice reading Dr. Seuss to the Grinches and our learning the secret theme behind Monkey's tree trimming. Monkey joins Hook-&-Ladder team 4 at Fire Station #4 (for a joyride). It's not New Year yet.  
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