A Year in the Life of a Czech Plush Monkey.

Opice's 2004 Foto Journal for Chinese Year of the Monkey 4701

Synopsis of Significant Simian Events
week 15:   25th - 1st Gorilla Foto-Op Art of neon signs, Tower Records reminiscences, Banana Arbor Day, Czech Rep. joins E.U.!, danger: May Day--Monkey nearly appologizes for not saying "thank you"! 
week 16:   2nd - 8th Gets job back at restaurant, connects dots [Cinco de Mayo]••[Cz]••[Cal. Wall Art], fights with waiter Chris over 1¢ tip, (Auction actually happens)
week 17:   9th - 15th Mother's Day, punished at restaurant/back to bakery, Great Potato Rebellion, manually types website, heads for Ganado (AZ) in Navajo Nation.
week 18:   16th - 22nd Flys to New Mexico, visits Santa Fe, meets pooka, explores art scene.
week 19:   23rd - 29th Contrasts S.Fe's & Prague's skylines, visits capitol bldg., Georgia O'Keeffe museum, gets museumed-out, demonstrates peeping technique, gets kissed, splits wood (but not infinitives).
week 20:   30th - 5 June Memorial Day (or is it Labor?), Bandelier National Monument, hike, trail-mix recipe, ruin ramable, Monkey's Motto: "Monkey sees 'don't,' and does!"
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